Is Construct 2 good enough for windows

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  • So i wanted to create a game, worked with first construct few years ago, now thinking of buying this one.

    But as far as i know C2 is html5 oriented, so can i use it to create game for Windows, will there be any difficulties or something? Just dont want to spend money and have troubles then.

  • 1)from what you read about in the topics what do you believe so far?

    2)what kind of game want you to create?

    3)Are any other alternatives about the game engine you want to develop with?

  • Read this thread:

    A lot of the common gotchas are covered there.

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  • [quote:2ypfr0fu]Is Construct 2 good enough for windows

    Yeh I certainly think so. There's a lot of talk about performance niggles on mid-low hardware, steam overlay trouble and so on, and they're valid concerns for sure. But at the end of the day nothing beats C2 for getting your game developing done in a timely manner, which I think is more important than anything for indies with limited time and resources on their hands.

  • Going to create top-down shooter. I see no alternatives in engines because i want to do it not only fast but focus myself on design/graphics stuff.

  • Seeing your badge next to you profile picture, you already made the purchase. You won't regret it, happy developing. Just be informed about the possible difficulties in time and test often (don't let the problems present themselves only at release).

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