Are the Construct 2 Forums Dead?

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  • It seems like there's only a handful of people online at once. I'm fairly new to the forums and I don't want to get involved in a dying community. Are there any Construct veterans here who could tell me otherwise?

  • No, Construct 2 forums are not dead. lol

    It's just been slow the last couple of weeks probably because spring brake is going on, and all the young members are in some tropical paradise right now drinking up all there parents hard earned money.   <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Also, there are a lot of members lurking in the background see all the guests on line. I bet most of them are members of the community just waiting for some awesome announcement like audio now 100% working in CocoonJS, or in app purchases now working in CocoonJS. LOL

    Stick around things will liven up.

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  • How many people do you expect to be on? We can't sit on the forums 24/7! We have to go out and work at some point! <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    The forums are very active imho, it might not be a super-social forum (Because it's not meant to be!) but the C2 related topics get fast and frequent replies.

  • This is very active place. I just got helped by people in 30 minutes of posting something, and the help opened up new possibilities and I gathered my events together in some fashion and fps went up greatly oh my god I am poisioned!

  • Only veterans will be with me but I can say the forums aren't what they were , 80% of the community are starters and lurkers

    Check how many people ask questions and how many respond frequently ?

  • I'm certainly not a veteran, but I've found that this is generally a very active forum. But you have to realise that it operates 99% as a technical help forum, since it's flooded with newcomers who just need help getting a thing right.

    Also, if a topic seems dead, most of the time it's because the help request was too vague, poorly worded, uninformative or, sometimes, too complex.

    I wouldn't really consider talking about general game design, ethics or practices here because, frankly, there are forums better suited (and designed) for it. But as a place to discuss Construct, this is perfect, and I would never have purchased C2 in the first place if the forum members here weren't so damn helpful.

  • You can see how many posts there had been in yesterday alone under New Post, the button on top.

    I agree with GeometriX that most people come to this forum for technical things rather than community discussion, as there are many other places on the internet dedicated to game design and development philosophies.

    The documentation and FAQ have also become so comprehensive that not many new questions could be asked.

  • I've slowed down a bit lately, at least in the how-do-i forum, because lately it seems to be filled with newbies asking questions that are either extremely frequently asked, or extremely vague. I'm guessing it's because C2 is becoming more popular (not a bad thing at all!) with the steam release, etc.

    I might not be the only one with this mentality and if that's the case that might explain a bit of slowness. The forum's nowhere near dead, though!

  • I've no idea where you got the idea these forums are dead. Right now there are 108 users online, including over 40 registered members - this only shows the activity in the last 10 minutes IIRC. Our server stats are showing posting rates are at an all-time high and are still steadily increasing. We get nearly 400 posts a day at the moment. IMO this is the opposite of a dying community!

  • Let's say that from the day it got to Steam , everything changed ... It's not a bad thing but I don't like the changes , as geo said most of the questions are too vague poorly described and such and most of the newbies don't read the rules and that sure doesn't make me happy , I even rage sometimes ...

    I miss the old forums :(

  • I come on here pretty much daily, but I don't post daily. I generally post when I feel I can help, to continue discussions that peak my interest, or to ask stuff myself now and then. I generally get responses fairly quick :)

    Though, in terms of social community, I feel it'd be cool if there was some sort of IRC chat, or bringing back that old chat that used to be on these forums.

  • Jase00 , there was , but ashley did shut it down I don't know why ...

  • Whiteclaws hah yeah, I remember it, it seemed promising but was empty almost all the time, with an occasional person going on there saying "Helllooo?" to themselves. My guess is that it was shutdown due to emptiness. But since the community has grown, I feel it would be good to bring it back :D

  • Ashley ?

  • how can the forums be dead with Whiteclaws around...

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