Are the Construct 2 Forums Dead?

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  • Being one of the newer members I will surly support that the forums are quite alive! In the 30 days I have been following C2 the forums have grow quite rapidly. I check them daily because I am a freak and there is always new posts.

    Also when I post I get a good set of reply's from "old" experienced members typically that same day and not just other newbies trying to help. I think C2 has a long road of life ahead of it.

    On the converse I have looked at other tools and their forums are much less trafficked, I posted on one of the "other" tools like C2 forum and took three days to get any kind of response and the response was horrible.


  • We have never officially run an IRC channel, so we couldn't have shut down an IRC channel either. I think some users run their own Construct IRC channel, someone will have to jump in and remind me what the server and channel is.

  • Ashley , I was referring to that awesome little chat popup thing that uses this forums' username/image and allow the forum users to chat :P

  • It would certainly be helpful if new users read the manual or followed some of the tutorials before posting. I know it can be puzzling sometimes but the manual is excellent.

    Still one of the best forums i have used for a long time.

  • Well, there used to be the link to use mibbit - I've wondered why the link got taken down, as the irc channel still exists, it's at, #construct.

  • Darc

    Part of the reason I decided to buy Construct was because of the highly active forum with hugely supportive members (also it gets truly marvellous updates every week).

  • Ashley

    I love the folks that hang out there, so helpful!

  • Ah, I needed that link! Thanks, Val !

    Tom , could you put that up like it used to be last year? Let's get it alive again!

  • The Construct 2 community is an extremely supportive one! THe only "drawback" is getting your post noticed in the How Do I? section when others are asking questions at the same time as yours. However, you will eventually receive an answer! Be patient and supportive!

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  • I love our IRC (though it has its dull moments :-P ). I've met and talked with some really awesome people, have gotten some good help, and the talk is generally pretty mature. I, honestly, haven't found a better indie game development irc yet--the rest typically devolve into phallic jokes and poor grammar. If you're on the fence, get off it and come hang out in the #construct irc with the rest of us!

    As far as the community goes, it isn't the biggest around, but its definitely active, and a lot of the individual posts are of a higher quality than you can sometimes achieve elsewhere.

  • Very active community. Some days I make a topic and it's gone in less than 2 hours. Having been shoved down to the 2nd and sometimes third page. however it has been a holiday lately and I did see a dip.

    Also in regards to the IRC. I personally against IRC for forums. They are counter productive. I used to hang out a forum with an IRC. Too often if the community is health. Often leads to some of the best "topics" being in IRC and never being seen by the rest of of the forum due to not being on the IRC or at the computer at the time.

    The flip side is that it's the live active discussion that leads to some of the best discussions.

  • Well, I don't post a lot, but I am checking the forum multiple times a day. I don't think you have to worry about the activity here, it seems just fine to me. <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Nah we old hacks are probably just BUSY!! making cool stuff for the forums....brewing up goodies...hehehehe

    keep suggestions rolling in...and stuff gets made in the secret labs...mwhahahahahah

  • Yes the forums are dead. We type from beyond the grave. Get out while you still can. Braaiiiiiiiinnnnnnsssssss.

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