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Adjusting the game screen for different resolutions (Letterbox scale)
  • Hi guys

    I've been making flash games for a while and I'm looking for a good tool which I can use for getting my stuff onto devices.

    I've played with Construct 2 before and I really like it. I'm however wondering, whether it's suitable for my needs.

    I've read the "supporting multiple resolutions" article and understand it.

    What I'm wondering about is ...

    • Will designing a game at 1920x1080 work well enough when it's "Scaled" down to lower end devices (for example iPhone 4s - 960?640).
    • Do the low end devices still have to load the Full HD content or do the game graphics get re-sampled before "loading" to ensure the lower end devices can handle it. (I understand that normally you would use different graphics sets - 1x 2x 3x etc.)
    • What is the state of mobile publishing? Is the performance acceptable? (in comparison to other game making programs)
    • I know Construct 2 uses wrappers to get apps made. Do these cause any major problems?

    Thank you heaps in advance <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Biggest images use bigger memories.

    Aspect ratio of iPhone 4S is 3:2, so it can scale to fit the entire screen without stretching images. (Not iPhone/iPod 5, it's using different resolution.)

    1920x1080 is not correct for iPhone/iPod 4th gen, you should use 1920 x 1280. Otherwise if you want to save a lot of memory. These resolutions are suggestions:

    -720 x 480

    -1440 x 960

    Low end devices will have problems with vram memory limit, you could use low resolution that might get stable performance.

    Construct 2 is a HTML5 engine which is using javascript, not other languages like LUA, BASIC, etc. it could interpret to objective-c to get native performance.

    I recommend you to use CocoonJS to get good performance for almost all mobiles like iOS 4.5+ and Android 2.3+

    I know working with multiple resolutions is pain in the ass.

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  • Quick somewhat related question! Why does Construkt 2 default on 640, 480? Also, if I am designing an application for iphone, android, and a website with Construkt, is there any conceivable quick way of resizing it, or do I have to manually change the resolution and positions of objects each time?

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