construct 3 - built in plugin manager/updater

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  • There were.. hints, riddled messages and murmurs that the plugin system is something that is being worked on. For example in one posting it was mentioned that the interface side is subject to change (see for example)

    I am confident that the situation will improve.

  • The plugin situation is particularily bad when you need to open an old example file that uses a plugin or behavior that is no longer available on the web. Construct2 has no way of dealing with that and completely locks the file from you when you dont have the plugin - even if the plugin is not being used in any important way in the file.

    The only plugins that do survive (or have a relatively better chance of survivng - some of them do get discontinued) are the ones that tend to still work.

    I think the repository is a key element here. Without a repository, you have users posting plugins on weird hosting websites - with many links going dead after a while - dragging a plethora of capx study files to the grave with them.

    1. Construct needs and official repository - plugin manager to update and download them - possibly even integration with the store

    2. construct needs to have a way of dealing with scenes with missing plugins - let the user open the scene - but lock the parts of the logic that the plugin has on the event sheet - until the plugin is installed

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  • Even when you go to rex's repository - some of his example scenes use plugins from other authors - some of which no longer exist on a server - thus the example files can no longer be opened to study the ones that do exist and the examples were made to present.

    Dead plugins affect the adoption of working plugins.

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