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  • Wouldnt it be great if construct3 had a built in manager to download/update plugins and behaviors?

    Rex already has made one and he has a repository. Why not incorporate it into construct 3. It will make the editor so much more awesome.

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  • I say it's not the most important feature for C3, but I'd also love to see something like this. Just keep the option for developers who work without internet connection to be able to install/update plugins manually.

  • what's the point if they have no internet connection?

  • good sugestion C3 should have something like rex repository by rexrainbow

  • what's the point if they have no internet connection?

    No, the plugin auto updater only has a point if they have internet connection. I'm just saying that Scirra should keep an option for installing plugins without the auto-updater.

  • i was just thinking at this just today... and then u posted it... i think wold be awesome if there wold be a community plugin /capx example file type of store or place in the c3 program...similar to unity assets store that popup in the same unity engine thing and u can choose to download buy etc other plugins or scripts or even entire games.... that wold definitely be a ease for not having to go to website every-time and search for games while u are also trying to work on some project... cause once i put my c2 in minimize i lose interest and i get lost on internet browsing.... but you cannot have an auto-updater without internet its just impossible unless u guys want to make c2 occupying huge amounts of space later on... which is bad i like construct2 how its small, simple and fast c3 should be the same under 1gb its awesome like that.

  • you mean offline plugin manager inside the editor? yeah that would be nice.

    i've started building my program for the same purpose but i stopped halfway. wanted to create a nice admin interface for users to upload through and manage their plugins, and another where you could easily browse them, download and install.

    i've stopped halfway through because i had some other business to attend to, but i will continue it's development shortly..

  • It is possible to build repo inside C3 editor if C3 will provide enough features about network access (http request) and file access (unzip and copy files).

  • rexrainbow - i've noticed you got your repository, why not just get a small database (up to 1GB) and create a software that uses the base and does all that for your / everyones plugins ?

    p.s. i could help you, but i'm not that good with python which i see you used

  • saiyadjin

    I had made a public plugins repo before, which is based on ftps server, all users could upload and download plugins.


    1. the ftp server had closed.

    2. it does not have authentication feature, everyone could upload and overwrite existed plugins.

    PS. It is better to embed repo tool inside C3 editor I agree.

  • I agree.. I hope for C3 to be more plugin friendly. Some people simply like to use lots of plugins/behaviours/effect to save time.

  • rexrainbow you have contributed so many useful plugins to c2 that I think Ashley should hire you to work at Scirra and just incorporate the majority of them as part of construct3.

    Btw clickteam fusion has a great addon manager, but their whole library has less addons than the ones rex has made.

  • I agree that a plugin/effect manager would be nice to have, like a built in store of plugins, with changelogs and all that, but that could also work with official plugins, after all, it would make updating C3 less often while still have the top notch.

  • most modern game engines have that anyways

  • I would also love to see the addon/plugins authors being more active in making nice documentary and built in help, and examples. If done then it would likely be more used, some plugins are quite cryptic.

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