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  • Hey guys , i have a question

    Will construct2 get one day on android phone

    it would be awesome

    Thanks for your answer

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  • It is already.

  • no i mean that you will make game from the phone not publish game to phone

  • Those gadgets have little RAM, maybe it wouldn't be pleasing to use Construct on there even if it was possible...

  • But if it existed it would be awesome

  • Umm, don't you think it would be really frustrating trying to use a complex piece of software on a tiny screen?

  • Umm, don't you think it would be really frustrating trying to use a complex piece of software on a tiny screen?

    TBH it's probably a better fit than a programming IDE. Just a little drag and drop.

    And anyways, no reason there couldn't be a tablet version. ;)

    Maybe after C2 is released.

  • ok

  • Yes please..this would be a big request from me...personally I can't see any reason why it wouldn't port..I use a nexus 7 running android. To get C2 running would be dreamy..huge bump!:-)   pretty please Ashley..I have a huge workstation PC..but often I want to do C2 event sheet scripting when I am just out wandering and inspired...

  • mystazsea ,

    Ah ... Those days :D , Such a long time ... So , Get a windows emulator and run C2 on your nexus 7 , it should work ...

  • While it's not running C2 on the device itself, I use Splashtop 2 remote desktop software on my iPad (there's an android version) and it works quite well. I think it requires wifi though, and I haven't tried it on anything other than my house network, so the latency might be higher from other locations.

    Also, porting c2 is actually a much, much more complex task than it seems.

  • Maybe someone could start a little app, which allows you to script for Construct 2 on the way and import the script or upload it to dropbox, but a whole game development IDE on a smartphone is pretty useless. Construct 2 has things, which need to be focused before you can even think of something like that. The developers should spend their time on more useful things like easier multiplayer integration, cardgame plugin etc.

  • Why CardGame plugin ? :D Astrosus

    Yeah , after thinking , C2 is pretty much useless without keyboard ...

  • Why no Card game plugin? Card games are quite feasible and can have an unbelievable depth and complexity (e.g. Magic)

    Better use your travelling time for testing your already made games instead of trying to create new games on the run.

  • This suggestion doesn't make any sense. I'd love to see construct for Linux, and mac users will probably want a version for their wretched excuse for an operating system as well.

    So far though, Construct 2 on Windows 7 is pretty sweet. There are much bigger problems to tackle in development.

    Edit: You are absolutely correct Arima, sorry!

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