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  • Fimbul - even if you're joking with your choice of words, there's a chance someone will take your language seriously and consider it insulting. Maybe a less adversarial tone? We want people using macs to feel welcome too!

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  • I just don't see the point of using C2 on a smaller device such as a phone, maybe a tablet I guess, but on a phone its asking for quite a lot. I also don't think many low end devices could run an app of C2 while also prototyping a test game at the same time. I would rather prefer the developers work on solidifying the fps on games for android and ios rather then building an app of C2 which would probably have troubles running on most phones.

    But if you really want to use C2 from your phone then check out the app phone2pc or use Arima's suggestion. Both apps will remotely connect your phone to your laptops desktop using Wifi. Kind of like a desktop camera that can control all of your things on your desktop and it should allow you to both test and work with C2 without wasting too much power on your phone or without crash the device. I think. I haven't tested it out yet, but I may later.

  • I just thought that seeing as android is vastly outselling even PC's it might be nice to get a port happening..I cant see any reason why C2 couldn't run on android tablets..they are more than powerful nexus 7 with is much older can run mega apps...

    Check this article on android of many...might be worthwhile investing the time to a port....:-) just a thought..I know I would be one of the first down loaders...:-)


    android sales article

  • mystazsea ,

    Ah ... Those days :D , Such a long time ... So , Get a windows emulator and run C2 on your nexus 7 , it should work ...

    One cannot simply run windows on an android device. The little ARM processors cannot handle x86. Win 95 is possible but 18 years out of date

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