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  • Hello all.

    Although I'd like nothing more but figure things out myself when Constructing, now and then I need some help, usually math and logic thingies involved.

    I'm amazed by the support given here on this forum. It's truly great.

    But seriously, how do you guys know all this math stuff, let alone kow how to figure out what you're writing? Now math is my weakest point probably. Or am I that noobish, haha. I see things coming by like 'floor' and 'cos' or 'dt' how do you guys know about this stuff?

    Do you perhaps have previous programming knowledge? That you studied (by yourself or in college)?

    Kinda jealous of all that knowledge. I'm more graphics oriented, but I just love to be able to be good at both programming and graphics.

    What did you find a good way to improve your programming efficiency? Tutorials? And what about math stuff? It's been a long while since I finished high school where I learned most of the (forgotten) math.

    Anyway, I'm lovin' Constuct 2. I'm learning new stuff every day. And this community is great!

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  • The main way to get better at programming and math is by doing it. Any stuff you already know would help for sure, but there's also a wealth of information out there you can learn from: School, books, google, examples, tutorials, asking how to do something on the forum, ...etc. There's always something new to learn, and there's always stuff too advanced for your current ability that may be possible later after you know more.

    "floor" rounds a number down to a whole number. example: floor(2.5) equals 2.

    "cos" is a trigonometry function. Wikipedia probably has more information about it than you'll ever need. If you see it used then you just have to understand it's purpose in that case, aka ask the person that used it.

    "dt" is short for delta time, or the length of time of the current frame. Here's some good information on it's use: ... dependence

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  • most of the expressions we are using are also documented here: but I will admit that I may have an easier time because of the math lover I am, however that doesn't mean it is required to know all those stuff, as R0j0hound said, trying stuff outside of your comfort zone from time to time, trying to find documents about said stuff, and ask when you are stuck are probably your best bet.

    As for getting better at programming, I'd say try to keep everything simple and clean to read so you understand it easily, don't worry about things like making a big game and optimisation until you know the tool enough (need to use functions to simplify that event? go ahead, need to modify this variable name because it is not clear? fine idea, this event is too complicated for me to remember what it does? add a comment now and try to see how to simplify it in the future if you can)

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