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  • Hello friends, in my game made ??with Construct 2, exported Cocoonjs, I can use the options Monetization Cocoonjs ( It has a specific plugin for this? or a tutorial on how to apply it?

  • Hello

    i tested 2 game and i am really surpising because i dont see any fps change between the Cocoon js launcher and the native browser of the phone

    I use galaxy s 1 with android 4

    If you have any idea....

  • after compiled cocoonjs touch event is not working

    what is the issue can you tell me

  • So, I borrowed my friends Ouya just to mess around with it (got some Turtles in Time up and running on that sucker in no time! Heh, get it? Time... moving on)

    So, I decided to test out exporting a simple button test I made with CocoonJS (and Phonegap). I upload the zip-file, make some icons that apparently was needed, and set it to compile. 30+ minutes later and the bar hasn't even gotten halfway. The zip is 92kb, this should not take that long to compile. And I seemingly can't cancel the compilation and start a new one.

    Yeah... I'd rather wait for a native compiler solution to get made than use this weirdness.

  • I think both Ashley and Tom are brilliant guys.

    But I also think it's time to start working on native exporters. Just tell everyone that progress has halted for the time being on the main application and exporters are under way. Don't say it's limited to only one coder. You made Construct 2 didn't you? So stop and make exporters? There is enough content currently in Construct 2 to make games with. No need to keep adding more features without the ability to export properly.

    I truly love Cocoon JS, and think a lot of the people behind it. But lets face facts. Current mobile performance is really, really bad. You want your customers to make money so they upgraded their license don't you? You also want the C2 users to spread the word about your product. It's a really hard sell when you have a stellar product but fall short when it comes to the final export.

    It's really frustrating to take the time to make a good app with Construct 2 and then see it perform so badly on mobile. The customers that are using your C2 app are thinking to themselves that your mobile app is really badly coded. But the export method is what's making the app run so poorly.

    Please start work on native exporters. PLEASE!!!! SUGAR ON TOP!!! WITH NOT ONE, NOT TWO, BUT THREE CHERRIES!

    I hate bending over backwards just to get a feature added that will benefit everyone, even the Scirra Team.

    Better product = more sales = more profit.

    I don't mean to piss anyone off, it's just the truth. Don't be mad.

  • This has been brought up before recently: here's Ashley's response.

    Some of the performance problems on mobile are non-obvious, like overdraw. I've read that many current mobile devices can only redraw the screen three times per frame at 60 fps - and then there's the fact that semitransparent pixels take more work to draw, etc - so even with a native engine games need to optimize.

    HTML 5 isn't as fast as native, it's true, but it's closing the gap, and if you optimize well, you can get better results than you might expect.

  • To clarify what I meant when I used the phrase "native compiler", because , yeah, bad phrasing on my end.

    I meant that the compiling of the wrapper should be handled by C2, like when you export an exe with Node-Webkit. I wasn't talking about a native runtime. The "native" part was referring to windows. I'm sure performance is fine with a wrapper, but I'd just prefer having the wrapper be handled completely on my machine. My small simple test thing I was trying to compile with CocoonJS is still stuck at below 50% and I can't do anything about it at this point it seems.

    As long as the thing works I don't mind it using a wrapper, I just find this "log on to another website to compile even the tiniest test"-thing to be obnoxious. Especially when it doesn't work.

    I won't be using CocoonJS the way it currently works.

  • hey can you find the solution of your problem? I am also facing the same issue.

  • You only really need to use the cloud compile for final ( or IAP test) builds. I just use the cocoonJS export option and upload the zip to my server (or dropbox) and use the CocoonJS launcher to preview it on device. I think the process is actually quiet slick.

    I am currently trying to muddle through IAP in xcode using cocoonjs and c2, that's the realy nightmare. The provisioning, and deployment of a .ipa has been fairly easily (expect for i have two APP ID's which can't be deleted).

  • Don't know where to post it, so excuse me if it's not the good place :)

    I found on the forum that Construct 2 manage now a seperated loading for each layout, but Ashlety said it's not supported by CocoonJS yet.

    link :

    So i wanted to know if the person of Cocoon have the project to implement it in their soft :).

    If it is done already, excuse me, i just didn't find it yet :)

  • They're working on it.

  • Thanks.

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  • i try to export my project on Cocoon js (20 times)

    (a simple project with a animation button.)

    And i ve got this message an my emailbox

    "Something went wrong with the compilation of your project"

    and on the launcher i have tested my project, it work.

    on the "warning " the message :

    Not found get ElementbyID : c2canvasdiv

    how to resolve this problem?

    I bought a license of construct2, for export game in .APK

    And for the moment i can do nothing <img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    i try with different way, the result is the same.

    I am so disappointed

    Edit 02/04/2013

    i have contacted the ludei team

    and the awnser to the problem is for the Bundle ID; i use the word "super" and it is keyword java.

    ok don' use keyword Jav the next time

    web engineer has just added a check to the development version of the website so in the future you'll be warned if you try to use a reserved keyword in the bundleID.

  • HuggyMauve, the reason that your simple button doesnt work, is becuase Cocoon does not support the button technology from C2, instead, rather just use Touch > on touched object, and then simply choose the sprite you wish to use as your button :)

  • I can get a test scene to run on my tablet, with spritefont and with all of the same plugins (all stock save for spritefont) on my tablet, but when I export my project I get the error:

    Exception loading image: null Exception: IllegalArgumentException: Cannot open the given '/data/data/com.ideateca.cocoonjslauncher/files/game/null' file static com::ideateca::core::SPData com::ideateca::core::io::AbstractFileSystem::loadFile(const std::string&):47

    I've hunted everywhere for where to post this without posting a capx, so if anyone wants to point me where I can read up on it please direct me.

    I sent ludei a message on these forums and the ludei forum with no answer, and I'm willing to send a capx of the project via direct/private pm but we're so far along with our project I wouldn't want to post it to the forums :(

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