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  • I just found a new object in C2, "CocoonJs Ads". Maybe this will be there for ad display... altrought I did not tested it yet.

  • I managed to use the cloud compilation system to build and deploy my app to my ipad as an ad-hoc build.

  • Good skills superkew - what version of xcode are you using? I'm hoping if I upgrade to xcode 4.2 it will give me what I need. Thanks.

  • I think its the newest version :) I'd have to go home and check.

    Getting the certificate and provisioning profile to work and link together gave me problems though - once I fixed those it was easy. But I only had issues because I had been messing around with various profiles a few weeks ago.

  • I've just heard back from Ludei. They have now successfully used a Mac Mini running xcode 4.2 to sign the cocoonjs cloud bundle!!! Great news for me and they acted upon my requests very quickly - looking good, thanks Ludei!

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  • This seems like the right place for this post.

    I just wanted to share that I've actually had a great experience with CocoonJS and the cloud compiler. I unfortunately couldn't get the sprintfont plugin to work, but the text object seems to be functioning fine. I will add though that the text object didn't appear to function properly when testing on the CocoonJS app; it wasn't properly using the font size, so it was quite small and unreadable. Compiling the app into an APK though and running it, the text objects works great.

    The game's overall performance seems pretty good so far on the devices I've tested it on. The process was smoother and faster than I could've possibly imagined, especially after fighting and struggling in being able to get appMobi working, it was a relief.

    I hope to have a version to share soon.

  • I have a couple of questions.

    A: Does the final conversion via the cloud compiler make the game run even faster?


    (In my understanding) the cocoon launcher is a bit like a virtual machine.

    Just like running windows within mac-os.

    If so, then does this extra memory use also limit the fps somewhat?

    B: Is there a way to install the compiled Xcode on my iphone4 after using the ludei cloud compiler?

    (That way i could doublecheck my game before sending anything to the appstore.)

    Thanx for any insight!!

  • A: I don't think so.

    B: You need a mac to sign and archive the file into an APK.

  • Thanx superkew!

  • I've been testing CocoonJS these past days... And I have some questions:

    • How do we integrate the game with Facebook? I want the users to be able to publish their score to their walls
    • I have the same need with twitter. I want my users to be able to tweet about their scores.

    I've been trying to implement and I think the developer is trying to integrate it with CocoonJS, but I'm wondering if there are other solutions that I don't know about.

    I also know that CocoonJS says that is fully integrated with Facebook+Twitter, but I can't find any documentation on that.


  • I am having an issue with the screen when using CocoonJS, there always seems to be white space on the right side even i set it to Scale Mode. Any body knows how to solve that?

    Also there are some sound incompatible with Cocoon JS. Anyone facing the same problem?

  • I created a sound board and have no problems with it in both android or iOS.

  • ikzq - sounds like you're not taking in to account different aspect ratios. The bar along the top of the device will slightly change the aspect ratio. See supporting multiple screen sizes.

  • Crazyhowie that sounds great, I will try the cloud compilee in the next weeks, too.

    Today I tried to use Ads with cocoon JS, but as cocoon js uses "mopub" as ad provider, I assume that <<somewhere>> I have to enter my mopub ID to get the ads showing up in my game. Has anyone have any information on this, since I could find anything useful on that topic.


  • Hi,

    While I'm enjoying experimenting with CocoonJS, I'm also experiencing a couple of issues that may really prevent me from using it in the end.

    Specifically, I'm having big troubles with fonts: they are always small, arial and blurred <img src="smileys/smiley24.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> ! I read this was a known problem which should have been fixed soon but didn't find any further information.

    I really need to display different fonts at different sizes... anyone managed to do that?

    Please help!!

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