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  • From what I understand, 3 is weaker than 2 because it's more focused on browser games while 2 is aimed more at traditional games like console and PC? Is this true? I've also heard that 3 is weak even for mobile games, but how weak is it exactly?

    1. I have a mobile game idea and it's fairly simple. It's a trivia game where you can choose the amount of players (but it's all played on one phone) and you just pass the phone to the next player when it's their turn. There will of course be graphics and stuff, but there's no character to control, no enemies or bosses, etc. It's just questions and animations. Would something like this be ok to make it C3 and would the performance be good on an iPhone?

    2. I've also heard that C2 is hard to port to an iPhone because it wasn't made with that in mind. But is C2 performance good for 2D console games? Can I make a game such as Mega Man X, complete with cutscenes, boss battles, etc. and have it be 60fps? would there be slowdown and if so, how much?

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section and sorry that my questions are all over the place. My mobile game trivia idea is the one I want to work on first, and maybe in the future make an actual video game.

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  • Ok, thank you!

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