Considering to develope games, Construct2 or Java

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  • Hi ppl,

    I recently bought Construct2 to develope my 2d games, but a lot of friends are telling me that Construct2 is a very simple engine and I will can't do big 2d games, I don't think the same, but I need your points of view..

    My friends are saying me a lot of months ago of learning Java because is a powerfull language etc etc, but I think that is more difficult to learn than Construct2, and I can do nice games with Construct2, then with Java I can't do anything for the moment, only Text based games..

    So what you think.. Construct2 or Java, for a beginner?

  • Well there's several aspects involved. Do you want to learn and then do your game, or you want to jump directly to doing your game ? If you go with Java, or any other language, you'll learn a lot, and if you're like me, have lots of fun. That process will take lots of time, even though it'll give you max flexibility. If you go with C2 you'll have your game prototype in days at max. Even hours. But you'll be limited by what Construct2 has to offer. Even if that is mitigated by the SDK. For your case C2 is probably enough. So you have to stop and think your priorities and what you want. I personally went the first path a while ago and only now i'm proficient enough to make a game in any language from the engine core code to the game. Even then i find C2 an invaluable tool. Yeah i could code a better suited Construct for myself, but that would take lots and lots of time, and the games i want to make would have to wait a long time. So i use C2 when it offers everything i need for a project and use my programming language of choice and my personal framework when the project is more complex. That's it.

  • I don't see how C2 is a "very simple engine" or not powerful enough.

  • Woah, really thanks.

    I like programming but I don't know too much about it, but I have fun writting! The only thing I dislike with programming is that for make a game you need a lot of more time than if you use an engine that is prepared for do games.

    I think I will do what you do, if the game I'm thinking to do can be maked completely with Construct2, I will do with Construct2, and if Construct2 doesn't offers me what i want, I will do it in Java.

    So thanks, I'm now making a game with Construct2, but when I finish the development I will learn Java (I have a lot of downloaded books to read :P)

    Any other comments?

  • I don't think it's right to call Construct 2 a "simple engine"! Not only do you get a complete IDE to help you edit the game (something you don't get with most engine-only libraries), but the runtime alone is coming close to 30,000 lines of Javascript which has been well-tested by many users for over a year now, with over 1000 closed bug reports, and with considerable time spent tuning for performance. If you write your own engine, bear in mind you'll likely be doing all that work again.

    You might also be interested in an old blog post we wrote: Construct 2 vs. Javascript. Maybe a little out of date but it's still relevant.

  • It all depends on how you define *big* 2d games. There is a limit by how Construct2 has a big upfront load on all assets in the game. So you just have to design your games around this issue, which I find makes you come up with much better solutions.

  • I think my friends call it a simple engine because you apparently don't need to write anything, like if you are making a game in Java, for example, you need to write all the program. But I think that similar case occurs in Construct2, but in another way, that is with the Event Sheet (I THINK).

    But yeah, they see "No programming needed" and they think "Oh, a bad engine".

    For example, I was thinking the same but the only difference in me is that I tryed to do a game, and I've seen all Construct2 possibilities.

    So, as I said, I will continue using Construct2.

  • I'm sure your friends can badly judge anything before to try this software

  • Scirra Construct 2 already take care of many aspects for makings games, "sound manager, 2Dbox physics, Facebook Integration etc..." game engines are made to shortcut/support you to make games, making thing from scratch requiring knowledge, patience and time, also if you are new to game development in general, i highly recommend you to start out with D&D tools, this his 3 benefits:

    1- you will make your game in short time (productive).

    2- you also learning programing/game development in indirect way <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    3- the most important part in your life, you will determine yourself if you interested in game developments or not, without too much sacrifices, like learning programing or other complex frameworks.

    trust me you wont waste your time with Construct 2 <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Go learn some SDL and c++, c2 is not engine nor anything of programming, its just fine RAD tool, not more and not less.

    java is proprietary sun/oracle sh*t which requires to use proprietary oracle java programm to run whatever else (dont look to openjdk, its dead). Its like flash but can use right click in browser yet still sh*tty plugin.

    If you about programming serious things then starting basics with basicand then learning c++ and SDL is best and only true way to become a good programmer.

    BTW, you cant effectively use c2 if you dont understand basics of programming.

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  • It would help if you told us what type of game you plan to make. What are its most complex features?

    Honestly, your friends probably think C2 is something like game maker. If that was the case, it would be terrible, but it's not. It is an amazing piece of software, and unless you want to do some crazy stuff, it is easily up to the challenge of your game.

    Also, HTML5 is the future.

  • Comparing Java and C2 is a bit off.. Java is mid-level language with some low level components and C2 is effectively a visual based very high level language; I'd go as far to say it's pretty much WYSIWYG.

    In regards to what's better for making games? In depends who the person making the game is: If you're talking to a Java programmer with 6 years experience in software design, then obviously Java is the way to go, if it's just some guy who wants to make a game, then it's C2, every day of the week.

    Talking performance, personally I would find it very hard to justify the learning curve and time/effort required to learn Java against the negligible improvement in quality it would give you over the same game made in C2, if any at all. If you want to go into the games industry then of course learning a "real" language, especially a widely recognised one like Java will be much more beneficial, but if you just want to make games for fun then it's Construct 2 every time IMO <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • IDEs like C2 are the future of game making,... just saying.

  • If you want to go into the games industry then of course learning a "real" language, especially a widely recognised one like Java will be much more beneficial, but if you just want to make games for fun then it's Construct 2 every time IMO <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle">

    Well actually, C2 can even allow you that if you look at its SDK that will make you learn the basis of JavaScript.

  • IDEs like C2 are the future of game making,... just saying.

    what he was...just

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