Considering to develope games, Construct2 or Java

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  • IDEs like C2 are the future of game making,... just saying.

    Totally agree. Proof of that is that Unity, which uses a model pretty similar to C2 is now the most popular indie game engine of all. Only real difference is in the game logic definition where Unity uses direct coding and C2 uses indirect , one level above, coding. In my opinion , these days, a game engine must handle it all in one IDE, scene editing, asset management, coding and deploying. If any if these is missing the engine has no chance to compete. Fortunatelly we have 3d covered with Unity and 2d with C2 :D Only wished C2 would have more exporting options as Unity. Hopefully with awesomium that'll be mitigated, yeah i keep preferring no browsers involved, at least not explicitelly :D

  • I recall reading a blog of an indie developer who tried RenPy (visual novel engine in Python) after having coded his games himself. Said he wasn't going back anymore. It is less time consuming to customize an existing engine to fit your needs than to write it from scratch.

    If you decide to create an engine from scratch, expect the development to be much, much longer and stressful. That's why a lot of game developers are jumping onto the Unity, Construct 2, RenPy and such game engine bandwagons.

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  • and its no shock... its somethin game devs have known literally since pc gaming started. Theres no need to reinvent the wheel for every project unless the wheel doesnt do somethin you need it to do and theres absolutely no other way to get it to do it.

    Thats why theres engines like iDs and Unreal and Unity and... whatever crysis is called. Devs understand that with a good engine and a robust framework half of the time and a whole lot of the hardest part to make a game is taken care of

  • You?re allowed to go much much crazier with C2 in terms of gameplay. If you want to test a concept, you can easily do a mockup in no time and test it with your friends by just sending them a link.

    Want to team up with an artist or sound designer? It?s so easy to learn that you and your team will have no barriers implementing stuff.

    I was skeptical at first about C2 capabilities to make a full game, but we?re already starting to see there?s much more than what meets the eye in terms of power and adaptability.

  • Seriously when HTML5 techs , specially WebGL, finally get wide support C2 will be unstoppable :D Only thing holding C2 to reach the stars is really HTML5 situation.

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