Congratulation Scirra !!

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  • Alot of time passed from the first release of C2 and i think that we have to make something for this event

    Story time :)

    Tell us how you discovered C2 in this post


    As i was playing a flash game

    I told myself that this game was boring

    So i thinked that i could make my own games

    And i started a C++ Course

    And one day

    i typed on Google

    Make games without skills

    and i saw CC

    C2 wasn?t even in the first build

    4 years passed

    and when i saw C2

    i made an account

    1 year passed

    and here i am :)

  • I was looking for a game builder software for our thesis in the university. I was thinking of making an AI like thingy as the focus of our thesis. I went to a small local convention about softwares in my town and one of the seminars there was about game development. I joined and CC was being talked about. So from there I tried it out and here I am still. =). BTW, we passed the thesis subject thanks to CC and graduated! Cheers! I'm working right now in an IT Company.

  • i was looking for a more understandable way to make games...i had already been working with gamemaker 8 for over a year and found it hard to get it to do what i needed and to understand...thats when i looked on the internet and found construct classic and seen the C2 advertisement...things have been better seince and i have gained a wealth of knowledge about the program...i look forward to the future!!!

  • A night, the clearest voice I ever heard was whispered to my ear that I would have to google "scirra".

    Next morning, I did it....


  • I've used engines in the past like ImpactJS and MelonJS. So one day I was surfing and saw your ad. One "early adopter" purchase later, I am very happy I did. :)

  • Construct 2 early adopter release was in the short news in our germans clicktools forum.

    I try it and I fell in love <img src="smileys/smiley31.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> <img src="smileys/smiley27.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • And I was hooked because of a post by VIDI in the RL-Forum

  • i started a C++ Course

    And one day

    i typed on Google

    Make games without skills

    lol kbd just lol

    I work as a web developer/designer for a local state newspaper were I live, and I always wanted to make my own games so when the first few html5 game making tutorials started to emerge it caught my interest since you could now make games in the languages I was most familiar with. But after trying a few tutorials I quickly realized that knowing how to develop websites was quite a bit different from developing games. So I started searching all the options out there, and I found Scirra had the best community support with an incredible software that gives me more time to focus on learning game development.

  • Worked with game maker for school assignment. Realised it was really bad. Looked for other options. Bingo.

  • I honestly can't remember

  • Can't remember :D Been here since the dawn of ages :)

  • i was working on a platform game to learn how to make game using game maker, but game maker cant handle with big images and i'm a illustrator, so i decide to look for other engine that alow bigger arts and less program stuff... and i found a game called iconoclasts, made by a guy that used the CC and i found this comunity, the best thing that happens at 2011

  • I do web design on the side, and one day I was thinking what could be done with HTML 5's canvas and the like. Was surfing around and found out about you guys. Never had I once been this impressed by a game engine. I've only been here for about week or two. But I love it.

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  • I'd been trying to find a good program to make games with for quite some time, jumping from one to another every month or so. Eventually I just stumbled upon Construct (back in the Classic days)... as soon as I tried it out I deleted the other programs from my computer, thinking, "welp, ain't gonna need those anymore. This is it." <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • I was very interested in doing a web-based game, and GM was way behind. One google-fu later and I found C2, and I'll never go back.

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