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  • I started using The Games Factory, then Multimedia Fusion and MMF2. I heard something about construct and downloaded it, but didn't work on my computer back then. A few years later i bought a new computer and one day I remembered trying Construct so I decided trying it again. And it worked! 3 days later I used it for Ludum Dare #19 and it was a success

  • I was browsing SFGHQ years ago, and saw mention of construct. At the time, the SFGHQ community was using MMF almost exclusively (as was I), but I still decided to check it out. Construct was OK, but I didn't really pick it up. Some time had passed, and I saw mention of it again, so I checked it out again. This time, I stuck to it and really learned it. This was also about the time I created my forum account. (Man the site has changed since then :D)

    From then, I have been checking up on Scirra's work about twice a week, and have been excited to see how far it's come. I have only dabbled in C2, but I hope it grows into something as amazing as CC did.

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  • A staff member on posted about it.

    I checked it out. Used CC from there.

    And when C2 began to be discussed, it caught my attention, I saw the potential.

    The very first public release did not hook me that much (it wasn't particulary featured truth be told ^^).

    But quickly after, as it was getting more and more featured at an incredible pace (a matter of months with releases each couple of days at some points) I totaly went to use it in priority and became more involved in the community.

    In my eyes C2 is superior to CC. It's subjective and mostly a matter of taste, but just consider the way you use variables in expressions in C2 compared to CC. No more tedious global or value arrays. Haaaaaaaa


    I still have a lot of appreciation and respect for CC though, as I learned such a great deal from it and it really paved the way for the fantastic tool that C2 is now.

    I'm also expecting the soon to be released next version of CC.

    I think its users will be thrilled and it will shut some of the rumors of CC being abandonned.


    Comence a Googlear como hacer juegos y me encontre con CC, asi que busque en youtube tutorial en mi idioma (espa�ol) y felizmente encontre uno desde ahi vi la facilidad de su uso, de ahi me inscribi en el foro y vi que habia otro llamado C2 estuve asi investigando mas sobre su funcionalidad y sabia que tenia que comprarme la licencia, asi que lo hice y ahora estoy muy alegre y feliz porque cada ves sacan nuevas actualizaciones nuevas versiones y lo bueno es que hay mucho compa�erismo mucha ayuda entre nosotros y eso es bueno para todos nosotros que hacemos juegos!. Gracias Scirra por Existir y Html5 tiene para mucho mas! y habra muchas mas sorpresas para este a�o 2012!!!

    ENGLISH - With google translater :)

    I started to Google and do games and I met with CC, so search youtube tutorial in my language (Spanish) and happy to find one from there I saw the ease of use, from there I joined the forum and saw that there was another call C2 so I investigated more about its functionality and knew I had to buy the license, so I did and now I am very glad and happy because every time new updates are removed new versions and the good thing is that there are a lot of camaraderie between us and a lot of help that is good for all of us who do games!. Thanks Scirra HTML5 has to exist and for much more! and there will be many more surprises for this year 2012!

  • I heard about it from Richard Perrin's talk on how to get started in game design.

    you can make video games

  • I'm actually doing a games design course at the moment, and a tutor recommended C2 as an engine to have a play about with. Now, me and another person on the course are working on a game with C2, Ha!

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