Coming from unity , I have some questions.

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  • Hi, rather technical here.

    In unity I'm building a twin stick shooter, with many hundreds of projectiles, pooled, with the ability to pursue the target, ricochet and so on.

    My question is: On my crappy 300€ laptop, will I be able to have the same midrange fps I have in Unity, with less effort or will the fps drop lower?

    I'm just pissed, that I'm overwhelmed with writing efficient code and it sort of burns me.

    Anyways, every simple idea I have ends in a brainstorm of complexity I have to implement nd especially a missing simple 2d look at drives me nuts (although I have a fitting but probably inefficient method in my static utilities class)

    So yeah how can c2 or future c3 help me out here without giving me the amateur feel. (No offense)

  • 60 FPS is possible on a crap Intel i3 laptop for such a game. I know because what you describe, is in my game.

    But you will still need to optimize and be efficient in C2.

  • Perfect! You got a demo for comparison?

    I swear I won't steal any idea 😁

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  • While there is always the need to optimization and there are always caveats, Construct2 takes care of a few things for you that unity does not, by default. For example: C2 does a basic form of object pooling for you. Making a shooter with 2500 objects on screen (with a lot of them being deleted and created) is no problem on a midrange i5 rig. It starts getting a problem if it goes beyond that, but within the limits of a typical arcade shooter you can create and destroy objects like there's no tomorrow. Spray those bullets!

  • Perfect! You got a demo for comparison?

    I swear I won't steal any idea 😁


    Title screen is a benchmark, big multi-faction Capital Fleet battle that keeps on reinforcing.

    You can run it fluid 60 fps on a crap-top.

    ps. "Demo" is available on torrent sites. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

  • Yes, C2 should be more then capable to handle such projects on your machine. I'd suggest you give a free version a go, and create a benchmark for yourself to see how it fits your needs.

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