Color weirdness with newest NW.js

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  • I just updated from Node Webkit 10.0.5 to the newest and I'm getting some weird colors with the new NW.js. No AdjustHSL or other webgl effects going on. Here are a couple of screenshots for comparison.

    Node Webkit 10.0.5:

    NW.js 12.0.0 (?):

    With good old 10.0.5 the colors look like they should. With 12.0.0 they're all saturated and the contrast values seem off. Is this a known thing? Has anyone else experienced it? Just wanted to ask before I post a proper bug report.

  • I haven't seen this personally but stuff like this is definitely more noticeable in darker lighting. Try it on different machines to see if it's really a NW issue, or if it's just a GPU/monitor issue.

  • If it was just an issue of monitor or lighting configuration then the difference wouldn't show up in screenshots, though.

  • Could be a gpu or color calibration thing maybe? I'll test with a different computer when I have one around.

  • Totally unrelated to your bug:

    Great art style.

  • Thanks

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  • It's totally possible that NW.js has something to do with it. I remember a year or so ago when i made online games that the colors looked different in Internet Explorer than in Firefox or Chrome.

  • I've looked at the images on two color-calibrated monitors (Samsung, Apple) and assuming that the only difference during export was the version of NW.js then that's probably the cause.

    Have you tried rolling back to the earlier version and exporting again to see if the difference shows up again?

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