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  • anyone heard about what Ludei Team working on now?

    its somewhere todo list?

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  • Hi Delgado,

    We're mostly battle-testing our platform and making sure every part of the platform is rock-solid.

    As for new features, we have quite a few things waiting for the next release, but most importantly:

    • Revamped Facebook + GameCenter extension
    • Improved (and optimized) Box2D extension
    • In-app purchases system
    • New ads subsystem for android (with support for more ad providers)
    • Lots of improvements in the cloud system
    • Support for user-selectable feature enabling/disabling (so we can remove unneeded permissions in android, like camera or billing).
    • HTML parsing with divs support

    I'm sure I'm leaving out quite a few things, but I think that's a good teaser for the moment ;)

    Of course, some of those features might not be ready for release with the next update, so please have some patience if your favorite feature is not released right away :)

  • This sounds amazing! Looking forward to trying these out - I launched my first Cocoon-powered game to Google Play late last Sunday.

    ludei ...I do notice that at the moment when the app is running, the volume controls of my Samsung Galaxy S2 do not change the app's volume, they just change the ringer volume. Is this an easy fix?

  • ** The latest Beta version of Construct2 has fixed this problem ! **

    Hi ludei,

    Will the next release fix the 'Browser' object problem of crashing to a black screen instead of going to the URL ?



  • ludei, can you confirm if ads work at all on android? Mine don't seem to come through.

  • ludei Sounds amazing - I look forward to it.

  • ludei i try my old game on newest version of cocoon launcher and performance is worst now i have 8-10 fps in my game. In oldest version my game has 20+ fps

  • I suppose you didn't change nothing between versions, could you please send us the project to take a look? Thanks!

  • ludei i dont change nothing and fps is different. Where i can send my project to you? Please give me email

  • delgado


  • ludei I'd like to use C2+CoconJS in my work. Tested it about a month ago and encountered serious problem - the splash screen. I'd really like to use it commercially so I could pay you just to get rid of the splash screen. Would it be possible, or maybe something changed recently?

  • ludei

    Any word on the implementation of the TextBox usage?

    My app essentialy needs the Textbox plugin & the Comboboxlistbox plugin to work properly.

    And i would really like to compile the app via ludei's cloud compiler for use on android & Iphone.

    Thanx for any reply!

    Kind Regards.


  • Hi ludei

    How to build in app billing ?

  • Hi ludei,

    CocoonJS ROCKS!!!

    My only problem so far, is only being able to control the volume of one sound. My game has the option to adjust the volume of both music and sound effects. Unfortunately this feature does not work on Cocoon at the moment. Any idea when this might be implemented?


  • ludei,

    +1 to unplugged 's request, any news on when this may be implemented.

    <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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