Cocoonjs launcher can't support music over 10sec

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  • Hi, I tried to export using Cocoonjs today and find my Cocoonjs launcher malfunction. When I play a music/sound which over 10sec in the game, the launcher is not allowed to exit/reload game.

    I guess it's a problem of Cocoonjs, but I just want to know if there is anybody facing the same issue??

  • Moreover, the launcher doesn't play the music if it's over 10 sec.

  • I would like to know what format you managed to get any sound playing at. I've done a wav import and no music or sound.

    Personally I'm about to walk away. So if you get an answer I am also listening.

  • Yes, I put WAV,M4A,OGG all into the project. I spent several days on this issue and finally found some different responses on different mobile phones:

    1. ASUS Padfone Infinity: it's buggy with Cocoonjs Launcher, I can't play 10-sec music on it. Besides, when I play the compiled APK on this phone, there are a lot of glitches in the background music.

    2. HTC Desire HD: everything is good for Cocoonjs Launcher on this phone.

    I guess ASUS put some audio tweaking driver in Android system. It supports ASUS' audio filters like theater, rock&roll, classic, speech... When I turn to speech mode and run the APK, glitches get heavier and it's about 3~4 glitches every minute.

  • Hi jomo and jayderyu

    So far, my game Bobo Jump at google play ( ) uses about 30-50 seconds of background musics. Tested on galaxy s3, and galaxy note 1 and I didnt noticed any hang issues on my phone yet. (Compiled using 1.4.3)

    Though it is a bit headache when it comes to html5 audio.

    Before this I did noticed the hang issues , audio still looping in background and etc with cocoonjs.

    I just make sure that my audio is not mono and convert to wav using audacity.

    Then I just import to Construct 2 and let it generate ogg and m4a for me. If Construct 2 complains about error in ogg or m4a, then it probably a problem with the wav file (maybe it is mono or something else).

    But I'm just using samsung phones, so I dont know if other brands have different results.

  • Hi tumira

    Your Bobo jump is really a nice game. Thanks for your experience sharing.

    I've spent a lot of time on my ASUS padfone infinity. It's not quite compatible with current CocoonJS(1.4.5) Audio API. I got "clicking" sounds around every 0.5sec even with the simplest C2 example audio project. It's a device-dependent problem so it seems only occurs on my device.

    But finally I got a work-around for this problem - change to a slower playback rate. I'll post it later.

  • Any updates on this Jomo? Having some sound issues, and anything you've learned might help me out too!


  • , what kind of problem you've encountered?

  • Well to be honest, my problems are more than just sound - it seems if i dont pre-load sound in another layout first then the sound simply wont play when it gets to the point where it should. But worse, i'm getting horrible horrible performance from Cocoonjs anyway, so i dont even know if it's a viable option.

  • have you tried using the Construct 2 debugger to see what is causing the most stress on your game engine?

  • Yeah but im not 100% Sure how to read it to be honest... I mean... from what I can tell it should be ok? though i have nothing to really compare it to or understand what it is im seeing exactly.

    for example, here's my ingame info:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Does that look like it should be posing issues? Can i get more details somehow?

    Thanks for your help dude!

  • , try move your music files from Music folder to Sound folder and export again.

    CocoonJs is by far with the most readiness export platform.

    I've port my game onto Android 2.3/4.1, iOS7 using CocoonJs PhoneGap local and Crosswalk. For complicated works CocoonJs is better.

  • If i move my music to the sound folder, everything works wonderfully, EXCEPT the game freezes up when a new track starts playing. Presumably because it has to 'load' / 'download' that new song. On a web-driven version the freeze is horrible, but even on a desktop version it's slightly annoying. annoying enough im worried about going that route for a commercial project.

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  • You have a higher cell count comparing to mine (I have less than 100), maybe you can try to reduce some objects.

    BTW, below article helped me a lot. I hope it could be a help for you.

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