Cocoonjs launcher can't support music over 10sec

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  • Word, high cell count is because of a huge layout, but it's crucial to my gameplay, so I cant really avoid it, unfortunately. I will go through some of those optimizations though, I am using quite a few Easetweens, resizing, rotating, etc.. but i dont understand how you can make your game *look good* without them... perhaps mobile can be 'simpler'.. i guess.

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  • wow, 5800 collision checks.... You probably want to trim that some how by coming up with some creative ideas.

    do you have a sample of what your game is?

    Also to reduce some collision checks you can check in a style similar to

    Every Tick

    var chectype =0;

    checktype = 2 then On Collision of player with Enemy do stuff

    checktype = 1 then On Collision of player with hazzards do stuff

    checktype = 0 then on collision of player with goodies do stuff

    chektype + 1

    if checktype is > 2 then checktype = 0

    this way your cycling through your collisions.

    though your using cells so is there many objects trying to colide with other many objects?

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