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  • Hi there,

    i have purchased a lot of Mobile Devices. For Example the newest is

    my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 with Android 4.0.3 installed.

    The Problem is, the CocoonJS Launcher app don't work with it.

    When i search this app in the Playstore - i can't find it in

    the Search Results.

    The same Problem comes up with my Samsung Galaxy S 3.6 8GB Device with an older Android Version.

    I have testet also other Devices with Android

    Versions from 2.x 3.x and last 4.x

    Nothing will work.

    Hopefully this App dosen't only work with the 2 Devices in the Preview Video od Google.

    The Framerate with the normal HTML5 export on my Mobile Devices brings only 2 or uo to 3 FPS (Dolphin Browser). Not Playable at all.

    Sorry for my bad English - i come from Germany! I love the Scirra idea and i have also purchased my Licence. I hope the Makers can help me out and find a quick solution for my Problem.



  • You need to wait a little more

    Ludei are goes to activate the

    cloud for make .apk

    and probably goes to update the launcher

    the old version work with more Android's

    I don't know what him change in the update

    but I hope all is fixed with the cloud system

    they tell In this week is released

    cross the fingers

    Sorry by my Bad English

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  • Doesn't work with my tablet either. Acer Iconia a200 / Android 4.0.3

    Pretty bummed about it -.- I bought it specifically for testing mobile games.

    Also I don't think you can find it in the playstore; you have to go through their site.

  • If you are having trouble finding the CocoonJS launcher in the store, it would be best to contact ludei about it since they are the developers. We have some bug fixes for CocoonJS coming up in the next release (and probably more in future) which hopefully will fix most games that don't currently work.

  • Ashley

    i (or let me say we all) hope you and Ludei find a fast solution to bring your applications to work with together. I think that will be a great Milestone for all us Scirra users.

    I will give you all a update Message what will happen this week. I have heard

    in this week Ludei will release a New Version? I hope this is true. FINGER CROSSING!!!!



  • I don't know what's the problem is, but I've tested it on a lot of devices, and it work well.

    Tested on: Galaxy S3, Galaxy S2, Xperia PLAY, Xperia S, Xperia Ray, and Xperia Arc

  • Ash

    Does that include the audio issues?

  • about the app that doesn't exist on your tablet ... maybe because its not in your country try to use US playstore and check if not then your device doesn't support it anyway this is .apk file try to use it and check what will happen: (all copyrights to ludei)

    this a proof that the apk works even in the emulator on pc but with mobile sizes o.o

    <img src="" border="0">

  • My only issues currently are with the audio. Sometimes all the sounds stop and it's really killing the game.

  • nemo , if there is any error report them to ashley and ludei so they can know where the problem ^^

  • All

    Ludei is fantastic! I have installed now the cocoonJS Launcher app.

    I will do now my first tests with it! I let you know what happend....



  • good luck , just let us know what happen ^^ does it worked on your tablets too?? or they looks like a phone app??

  • I followed the instructions and got the Launcher app working on my iPad. So now I have it running on android and iOS.

    It is amazing how good the performance is. I get over 100 frames/s on levels with up to 10 physics objects.

    There are still some bugs though:

    1. App seems to randomly crash on certain levels.

    2. Audio doesn't stop and start as it should.

  • superkew

    yes, i have the same problems with the Launcher. Some randomly crashes...but i think Ludei will work on it.

    The Perfomace is amazing...


  • Did they get the launcher approved for appstore yet?

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