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  • Hey guys,

    Just in case you didn't see the link from the other thread, here is the APK download:

    superkew Thanks for sharing the results.

    Please, let us know the specific error messages, how/when the crashes happen on our developer support page so that we can improve it in the future.

    Thanks guys!

  • ludei

    Is there some sort of logging in the app? I don't get an error message, the app just exits. If I can open the log, I will gladly send the results.

    The only two things I can think of that might cause the crash are the audio streams, I have code that changes the background music between layouts, but it doesn't work, the first track keeps playing.

    The other is that I have 3 objects with quite complex collision polygons.

    The sounds and music work much better on the iOS version, compared to the Android version.

    Oh, and on the website, the link to show how to load the zips onto the iOS app goes to nowhere - but I Googled to figure it out.

  • I posted some more results on the Ludei forum. Here it is for those interested. The only 3rd party plugin that I use is "Function"

    On the iOS devices the game will crash, at random times. There is no error reported on the console, and I am not sure if there is a way to catch error logs. Also the sound doesn't work 100%. Also on one of the iPhones, not all of the images render.

    On my android device there are no crashes, the sounds works less - but I think you know about this issue.

    Is there any way I can help in resolving these issues? If needed I can export a partial version of the project, but only if it will help.

    So by using the same construct export file, and the same launcher these are the issues:

    Samsung Galaxy S3 (ICS): Sound issues, no crashing.

    iPad 2: Better sound, random crashing.

    iPhone 4s: Better sound, random crashing.

    iPhone 4: Better sound, almost no images (sprites) load. Haven't experienced crashing yet.

    Sony Experia X10: Will test later and update.

  • Hello everyone,

    I?am new in the construct comunity and works with the cocoonjs launcher in ios (iphone4).

    Everytime I?ve started my app in the launcher, there is no way out to startscreen! I?ve stopped launching by using the iphone-button and restart it there is only the endscreen of my app but not the startscreen from the launcher. Is there anywhere a backbutton or something like that?

    The launchers startscreen I?ll only see again after restart my iphone! <img src="smileys/smiley5.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Restart phone? Maybe try closing the app as you would any other app on iPhone.

  • I�ve closed the app with the iphone-button. Is there another way?

  • : they decided that after you have started your application with the launcher, there is no way to go back to the launcher "homepage" without killing the app as a prior. Their argument : your final app will be seen as completely independent of the launcher by the final user, so, in the end, you won't have a "option" to "go back to homepage".

  • I tested my game on galaxy s2 using cocoonjs it's run very smooth, 50-70 fps, but with the same game, i tested on galaxy S3, performance even more smoothly, but after a few minutes even second, it's suddenly drop from 70 to 2x... And i don't know why... One more thing in galaxy s3, the Backlight auto turn on even i'm playing my game... But in galaxy s2, everything seem normal and fine. What is diffenren between galaxy s2 and s3. OMG.

  • Pode: Yes, I know. I�ve tested my app by an android-phone and everythings fine after restart the lauchner. Only in ios 5.1.1 there�s no possibility by restarting the lauchner. I�ll ever seen my app running and not the startscreen from the launcher...

  • Pode: Now I read your post again. Is it right you�ll be install the app for one testing, then you�ll uninstall it and then you�ll reinstall for new testing via synchronisation in itunes? It seems very complicated...

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  • : you provide a zip file to the launcher. Everytime you change something in the game, you need to recreate the zip file.

  • Hi everybody,

    I am experiencing problems with CocoonJS launcher. Suddenly it gives me a blank screen when I load my app or even a demo. I tried to load a simple app also, with only one sprite and some events. And still get nothing. For some demos I can listen for music, but always black screen. It seems that the screen somehow responds to touch events as fps drop when I hit it, and I can listen some touch related sounds. I am testing on droid 2.2. and htc wildfire and no change. Does anyone had the same problem?

    Thank you!!!

  • ludei I met some problem with Android Launcher today. It were installed on my Alcatel OT995 some months ago, but now the launcher's page say me that "This item cannot be installed on your device."

    Did you changed any accessibility settings? I'm in Hungary, and have a Android 2.3.6. - what is met the displayed requirments.

    Google Play' Own Apps (intalled) page do not contains the CocoonJs Launcher.

  • I know this may be slightly off topic...

    I ran one of the online Scirra demo games in the mobile safari on an iPod Touch 2nd Gen (yes 3 years old now!) , and I was getting 30 fps easily. That's without directCanvas, CocoonJS, etc.

    Why not just package your HTML5 game using PhoneGap with a WebView and call it a day? Sure AppMobi or Ludei will give you higher fps, but is it worth all the glitches or headaches?

    Just my uniformed two cents on the subject.

  • akaButters - PhoneGap's WebView does not include the GPU accelerated canvas, or even the fast javascript engine IIRC, of mobile Safari. It's not uncommon to get <10 FPS with PhoneGap.

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