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  • Well, it's not really a direct C2 post but as the future of C2 on mobile seems more and more link to "cocoonjs" i think this subject can be publish here.

    I have no doubt than cocoonjs have a future on Android mobile ... but on ios ... seems the cocoonjs launcher is waiting for Apple approuval to go on appstore since several weeks now and the only "answer" to install actually cocoonjs on ios is to "simply" buy an mac ! ;-p ... sure i will do this to build my free ios app !!!

    Well this story remind me the forgotten MobiUs appMobi browser (remove from appstore without more explanation) ... the most strange perhaps is the awkward silence of forums about this story ($/?/? ?) ;-) ...

    I simply hope that cocoonjs don't follow the same way ... but perhaps it's time to have a real answer about this subject ...

  • ok , i think one of the rules that apple follow is that no launcher on the store thats why you can't see gameboy luancher or ps1 or any of these stuffs even html5 luancher! but i think cocoonjs will make a way to publish to android and ios or something like that like export to sdk and these stuffs that i don't know it ^^ anyway cocoonjs is one of the best luancher i ever see ^^

  • It doesn't really matter ultimately if the CocoonJS launcher is accepted to the app store or not - Ludei are still working on a cloud build service, so you will still be able to upload your project and get a built app for iOS back, regardless of whether their launcher itself is approved. The launcher's basically just for testing.

  • I hope so ... i don't have android device and i don't have mac ... so i'm waiting for the cocoonjs launcher in appstore to test it ...

    edit (good news Ashley ;-p)

  • naelian about the launcher it has like 1% or less that apple will accept

    it , so you have to try their way to install it on your iphone or ipad just borrow mac and do it or tell a friend or anything...

  • Hello all! First, thanks for the question naelian and Ashley for the insightful comment. As Ashley mentioned the CocoonJS Launcher is mainly used to test your development directly on the device, you can think of it as a "simulator" except you can see it running on the physical device itself.

    Fortunately, CocoonJS does not have a special SDK, because it conforms to the HTML5 stack. This ultimately means 3 big things:

    1) You don't have to learn anything special or go through a documentation

    2) You can use any HTML5 compliant testing environment you wish (Chrome, Mozilla, etc)

    3) If it works on the browser it would most likely work on CocoonJS (maybe some minor changes)

    We're hoping the CocoonJS launcher will be approved anytime soon so that testing and debugging can be easier for you guys. But again, we are working on a cloud compiling system so anyone would be able to get a Xarchive or APK build. Hope that helps!

    Also, Ludei now has it's own Forum for CocoonJS specific questions:

  • Thanks ludei and sorry again to ask this cocoonjs question here ... perhaps i will ask now a few more questions about ios/cocoonjs on ludei forum !

    ... thanks to all men that wanted to help me too ... <img src="smileys/smiley18.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • ludei , i think this will help us ^^ keep going and good luck :)

    naelian , "... thanks to all men that wanted to help me too ... " you forgot women :P anyway i hope everyone answered your question about cocoonjs ^^

  • Yes thanks "everybody" sorry i'm a lout ! ... i'm really confused if someone put himself into trouble when wanted to help me ... it was inappropriate but done in "good spirit" (closed).

  • naelian Your welcome and no worries, whether it's in the Scirra forum or our forum, we just want to help mobilize HTML5 games.

    zsangerous Thanks! <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • ludei I don't mean to sound harsh, but I'm having a little trouble getting on the hype train for your product.

    For instance, will you ever offer paid plans that includes the sourcecode?

    If not will the core be expandable with plugins (for game center for example) when will I be able to actually use cocoon to sell my game on the appstore?


  • 0plus1 That's OK, everyone's entitled to their own opinions. Our philosophy is that developers should try out what's already out there(even use the competition) and choose the technology that best solves their needs,but we believe CocoonJS is the best way to deploy,accelerate, and monetize HTML5 games.

    As for the other questions, the CocoonJS platform can easily add extensions to sit on top of our platform such as game center. We already have built in extensions(easy as calling the functions)- you can see our wiki for the list:

    We also have many demos with the source code to see how you can integrate some of them:

    Also, you can begin selling your game as soon as our cloud compilation system is done, which will be pretty soon.

  • Sorry it make me laugh ;-p

    Sure you will don't create cocoonjs if not thinking creating a better product that existing products ;-p ... i'm sure it's true too but it will be strange saying something else !

    Very good news about cloud ;-p ... i've not testing cocoonjs but the reactive way you participate to this forum make me already like it !

  • Also, you can begin selling your game as soon as our cloud compilation system is done, which will be pretty soon.


    Thanks for your work

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  • I can�t wait when it's done :D

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