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  • felixsg , be patient at least you know its soon , i mean pretty soon ^^

  • Lol Joannesalfa ... i think ios lovers are all here waiting for news ! seems ludei team is testing ios 6 beta and give feedback soon ... really interesting to have "pro" feedback like this ;-p

  • Well CocoonJS is actually currently the only way to run my test game on Android. I tested AppMobi and Phonegap, but they both broke my game more or less and only managed to keep max 15FPS. I actually haven't had much faith for HTML5 based games on mobile devices, not until I tested CocoonJS with constant solid 50FPS. I'm currently waiting for the cloud based service for android, so I could release my first project. Currently CocoonJS is the only realistic option for me.

  • Impressive short feedback with different product tests ;-p ...

    thanks nemo for your teasing post ! <img src="smileys/smiley32.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Good to see everyone's excited about our cloud platform! We can't wait either, great products take great undertaking, fortunately we have an amazing development team that will deliver this SOON, we will announce it on our blog and probably here as well.

    nemo Thanks for sharing your results! We're eager to see what amazing games you guys can come up with on mobile.

  • ludei,

    any 'progress' on the ios launcher?

  • harrio , wait the cloud ^^

  • Has anybody else tried using buttons or textboxes in their games, and then exporting to CocoonJS?

    I'm trying the CoocoonLauncher for Android, and it seems like buttons and textboxes won't appear at all.

    Can anybody else try and confirm this?

  • basti , hmm i never tried cocoonjs because i don't have android yet but i think texts work on it because there is a video shows fps on cocoonjs launcher .

  • basti - the way CocoonJS works at the moment is it's not a real browser, so not every single feature that browsers have will be in CocoonJS. This includes Button and Textbox. It's a known issue and we may be able to fix it in future!

  • basti To go off of the browser term Ashley just mentioned, you can think of CocoonJS as a "mini browser" that only interprets the JavaScript. The rest(CSS, HTML) is ignored, for now. That's why the index.html file is not needed in the CocoonJS launcher. However, we'll also have CSS support coming sooner than expected! So stay tuned.

    zsangerous Actually the FPS is all from JavaScript

  • Ok ludei and Ashley, thanks for clarifying. Keep up the excellent work!

    I've noticed the javascript alert() function works, but not the confirm() function. I need some confirm prompts in my game, and I'm wondering if I should go down the road creating the UI manually using some clickable (touchable) sprites - to be on the safe side that it will work. Any comments on this?

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  • basti - it's usually better to invent your own UI than rely on browser prompts like alert(), so I would recommend that.

  • basti - We would have to agree with Ashley, it's good to have your own UI;plus making your own UI will make it blend in to your game a little more.

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