CocoonJS + C2 + AdMob banners = not working?

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  • I got bad feeling / checked on tab + ads stats /

    that banner ads stopped working if compiled recently in CocoonJS

    anyone can check and confirm?

    I use r139


  • it seems that only I'm using AdMob banners :)

    checked once again on latest C2 beta and same situation...

    compilations before 22-25 september works with ads

    newer compilations - nope... and Ludei replied that their test ads works fine, ehh :)

  • have you tried Ejecta? I'm still comparing

  • I don't have any experience with iOS,

    but at least in Ejecta there is no Ludei logo (AFAIK)

  • Actually I got the admob banner working, for the full screen interstitial banner there is a bug for refresh fullscreen in CocoonJS plugin that Ashley will fix in next build. Already report it to Ashley.

    My game is using CocoonJS with banner and interstitial ads and plugins.

    My first game using Construct 2 engine. <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    The banner might not show immediately or even not showing at all.

    Maybe backup original file and try using the latest beta ?

  • tumira

    thanks for your feedback; yesterday I checked again on latest beta and nothing. I always wait 10-20 seconds and proceed to next layout (then wait again). And I know that sometimes MoPub is slow or there all fillrate issues. Anyway will fight till succeed.

    About full screen - how you handle it? just show/hide? is there any 'x' for close?

  • szymek

    No need to do anything. The Fullscreen will have their own "X" button to close. You just need to Use the CocoonJS plugin to show the the fullscreen ads. Before that make sure you Preload the Fullscreen ads first maybe at the start of the game.

  • tumira

    ok, will try in the future... now just want to shoot myself. I always create "Ads" eventsheet (to be included in other eventsheets) and there put "on start layout" show banner ad (via CocoonJS), "on end layout" hide banner ad... previously it worked perfectly fine...

  • Has anyone had issues with mopub+cocoonjs ads lately? It worked before but now I've been having trouble getting ads to show (after the latest 2.0.0beta release, even though it also doesn't seem to work when I compile with 1.4.7.

  • Has anyone had issues with mopub+cocoonjs ads lately? It worked before but now I've been having trouble getting ads to show (after the latest 2.0.0beta release, even though it also doesn't seem to work when I compile with 1.4.7.

    edit to what I said previously. I think it does work (sometimes) with 1.4.7 but not always with 2.0.0beta.

  • russpuppy, I have had very poor ad fill rates for the last 10 days or so, with cjs 1.4.7 - I have no idea what changed or how to improve it. Luckily I'm making pennies so a fraction of not a lot is not much of a change in revenue!

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  • Colludium interesting. That may be what is happening to me as well, 1.4.7 seems to be having more issues lately with consistently showing ads. When I get some time I'll have to hook my phone up to logcat to see what's going on.

  • I also notice last few days the time to display the first ad is taking longer, when i open my app, it take from 2~5minutes to get first ad showing. and sometimes the gap between ads also longer, there will be minutes without ad. (interestingly, this does not affect cocoonjs launcher, their ad is showing all the time and very quick)

    I've emailed mopub with the ad error log i'm seeing in xcode, i'll update when i hear back from them.

  • hollowthreat I've noticed that too--why do the launcher ads work so well when compiled projects don't? I'd be interested to hear what ludei would say about it. I'm going to try testing out some different things--like refreshing the ads more often. I'm also tempted to look at the exported C2 javascript to see what's going on with requests and see if there's anything that can be improved--maybe once they finally update the CocoonJS plugin things will get better...

    I'd be interested to know if this is a problem specific to Construct 2 projects or if others using different frameworks or native code are having the same problem.

  • At ... or-android there is a comment that says "mopub doesnt support "use adsense for backfill". So you get 50% fillrate on admob due to this"

    So maybe there's an issue with admob specifically when using with mopub?

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