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  • i've just update to the new cocoonjs launcher 1.4.5 for ios. i thought i read somewhere the reloadpoll error should be fixed in this version, but i'm still getting it plus some weird audio error. (C2 R146)

    game runs fine, but errors log showing a few of these:

    GET RESOURCE XHR '__?_=1383256983231': resource unavailable

    Could not read audio file metadata: "URLResources/audio_file_11646992430243804385.ogg"

    i'm sure i dont have such audio file in my project!

    anyone experience the same? any solution? some help Ashely

  • hollowthreat, I've encounter similar problem. At that time my audio file has some space characters. After eliminate the space from its filename it worked fine for me.

    Hope this won't be too late for you. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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  • jomo thanks for reply, i ignored that and some other none sense error msg from cocconjs launcher, as they dont seem to affect my game, and i dont recall having space in file names, so yeah, i'll just ignore them.

    already submit to apple, waiting for review.... finger crossed! :P

    merry christmas!

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