CocoonJS 1.4.1 Android

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  • Very sadly there is no right now any viable option to export to mobile a C2 game ...

    I would love someone to prove me wrong with an example in the playstore or applestore.

    I am talking about a "real game", with moving sprites, few collision checks, backgrounds, sounds, and some basics C2 behaviours like Bullet (i am not even talking about Physics or IAP). Even Letter Box scale do not work (how am i going to do with differents devices screensize...?)

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  • Oron

    It is completely viable to export via CocoonJS.

    I'm making a game, with many moving and animated sprites, 25 physics objects per screen doing 40,000 colission checks a second and animated backgrounds.

    And it all works GREAT on Cocoon!

    The only thing I haven't done yet is sounds so I have idea how that works yet.

    But CocoonJS is still perfectly viable.


    How was 1.4.0 perfect? The whole Box2D.Dynamics library didn't work.

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