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  • Hooray, this update was released!

    Sadly though, in my experience, it's made my game unplayable completly. I have an empty layout with just a few physics objects in there and the game would load over wifi just fine, except when I see my character land, the entire app just closes without an error or anything. The previous version was at least playable. I tinkered with the "Web" or "Accelerated" physics, both give same result. I use a Samsung Galaxy S1 with Android Jellybean (Cyanogenmod 10.1)iirc. :(

    How about everyone else?

  • I don't use physics in my game so it runs fine. Unfortunately the sound engine is still crashing my gingerbread devices. I notice also a 2-3 seconds lag everytime I load a new bg soundtrack even on 4.x devices.

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  • Notice any improvements otherwise? My android 1.4 right now works better than iOS 1.4 as far as layout loading and avoiding hang. Im kind of scared to update! Also how long can we expect for a 1.4.1 on iOS assuming theyve put the update in for apple to process? I hope it works better so we can keep on track with our release date!

    Also, anyone else having problems with android 1.4 crashing randomly and becoming unable to launch without app reinstall? Its annoying when it happens every time i launch :S. very time consuming

  • It got worse by ~20fps. No physics used.

  • I never really had another project to test with that didn't include physics, so I can't say much regarding comparison to the previous version of CocoonJS. The only other information I can supply is that this bug I posted for the previous version of CocoonJS is still happening on the new version:

    (Though this could be a general glitch in code anyway, but it's a C2 Template)

  • A workaround, try to smaller resolution like 300 x 200, they could give you better fps, ludei won't reply my email why 1.4.1 when performance is worse than 1.4.0

  • And this continues the reason why CocoonJS has a major problem. Not going to bash the quality of the software. It's the activity of there forum. For a staff of 15, they are absolutely horrible for providing developer support on the forum.

    Let alone there forum software SUCKS.

    I maybe forced to use CJS and am happy when it works well, but they have very long updates unless it's a critical bug fix. I just don't like how they handle things.

    I like GameClosure, but at this point with WebGL and the performance boost that it provides(when working). There is little alternatives.

  • jayderyu I agree with you, they claimed they would accept our critics but didn't.

    Would you contact to ludei what happened about the peformance with version 1.4.1.? We basically need the answers

  • I'm not really in any more than you are :\ I think it's Firebelly who has had personal contact with Ludie. I'm not sure but I think he might be in the same town. best we can do is just let them know by email. Even then the last email I sent took about a week and a half for a response.

    If the lot of you want to link samples of your CJS exports. We can send an email with a link to this topic so they can look it over.

  • jayderyu I already sent my games (.zips) to ludei dev support that they requested me, now they aren't replying my email anymore.

  • Joannesalfa

    Well that just backs up the poor support performance :( I suppose if a developer was an active payee version of CJS. Maybe they would be more responsive, but you have taken the best step. Not much to do there.

    Just wait the days out until a response :(

  • jayderyu They were more active at expos and conferences than development of CocoonJS...

  • We are also having problems with our game crashing for no reason. It works perfectly and then a message appears that says your app has stopped working.

  • ludei To clarify on the crashes simwhi has stated:

    Google Nexus 7 (Android 4.3) - Very frequent random freezes/exits at various points.

    Samsung Galaxy S (Android 2.3) - Occasional freezes/exits after loading

    Compiled 01/08/13 using the cloud compiler, which I assume is using the 1.4.1 engine. We didn't have these problems with 1.4.0


  • Nathan I agree 1.4.0 was perfect, ludei needs to learn his mistakes.

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