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  • I'm still wondering about the C2 plugin... will it be updated as well or has it been and I didn't notice...

    Well GL lets wait and hope... a bit more I guess.


  • > I'm still wondering about the C2 plugin... will it be updated as well or has it been and I didn't notice...

    > Well GL lets wait and hope... a bit more I guess.



    I don't think they will update it. But they also said they would open source it, so we could at least fix it.

  • > Is the new Android launcher out yet? Nothing in iOS right now


    I didn't see one. I used Cloud Compile for the 2.0+ features. Audio not working right is a deal breaker for me still. the 9patch and tiled bg stuff I can work around.

    How did you test it? It's in maintenance mode still.

  • It was mentioned in the newsletter that it is still in beta, but I think contacting them about any issues earlier on would be better, as they could end up fixing any bugs claimed in by the testers when the full release is out.

  • i was able to compile a iOS game just before they went down for maintenance again, V2 beta compile, some good news and a bad one, banner on top used to have a 1 tick flash of banner in middle, that seems to be fixed, also a weird touch swipe issue before also gone. now the bad news, when you minimize the game and re enter the game, game speed will go crazy, hammers the performance and fps, its a big issue i hope they will fix soon, i dont think apple will approve such bug.

  • I've played with the 2.0 beta with the canvas export a little bit this morning. I think it works a little faster now? however my ads aren't showing up anymore (have one bottom banner ad and full screen ad) but maybe I messed up a setting somewhere

    edit: i've only tested on Android

  • There is always a chance that they updated the API's and the C2 pluggin may not work with them... just a thought...

  • I tested the android launcher with a zip file. The load times took longer and gameplay was slower than previous version. I guess it will be better after Beta stage.

    Phone: Alcatel one touch 5020a

  • more problem with v2 iOS, gamecenter not working anymore :/

  • i cannot update cocoonjs via playstore. i tried several times and in installation process it pops up this message : package file is invalid..i clear the cache i unistall playstore updates i connect via hideman in another ip but still nothing..on my tablet everything is ok but in my phone ive got this problem...oh i hate factory reset..

  • what about the "GREAT" splashscreen ?

    thats why i dont use cocoonjs even if i have a premium account but ... same power has intel xdk yes most people will say it has lower fps but that depends on you plugin requests on app when you build apk or what you export!

    for lower fps in intel xdk unselect all uneeded request for inapp atleast that worked for me!

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  • can anybody confirm does the new version of exporter works with pods html plugin so i can display leadbolt or other html based ads in my game

    why is the mo pub still in cocoonjs .. it was a heck to implement admob or chartboost with that

    newer version dont have newer solution for ads??

  • Did Ludei add the 'Show Custom Splashes' in their menu with this update or was that there before??

    Does that mean we can replace their Splash Screen at Startup??

  • STARTECHSTUDIOS, unfortunately custom splashes was an option before the latest update - and it isn't a replacement for the dreaded flickering nightmare splash, it's an option to add your own on top of it (after ludei's, I think).

  • Faster, silky smooth, no more audio bugs and now totally useless.

    This new version introduced in my app a noticeable lag in the acclerometer readings that simply butchers my game.

    Other than that on my galaxy s4 the loading time of a compiled app is now simply unaccetable.

    I think little games without accelerometer based controls will benefit a lot from this update.

    In my particular case it's 2012 again, I have a game that is simply undeployable. But in 2012 I was not worried at all because I was confident that while making a slow burner project the technology would be ready when finished.

    Now that the game is almost ready and with a public demo in preparation I'm really starting to get pissed off in regards of ludei, cocoonjs and the whole html5 ecosystem.

    Don't get me wrong, I know that Cjs 2.0 is still in beta and this issue will be probably fixed in the future, but why the hell they didn't release before a stable CJS 1.4.8 with all those audio bugs fixed instead of packing them in a beta of a major release? Why?

    They have hands down the better technology out there and they're ruining their reputation with one of the most demented release cycle management in the entire software history.

    I think I'll switch to crosswalk even if it's still in beta and struggles more than CJS on lower specs devices.

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