CoconJS 1.4.4 is live (Ouya support!)

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  • Great news. Looking forward to hearing people's experience with it.

  • Cool, I can dust off the Ouya that I've used once since I bought it ;)

  • Really? Dang, I use my OUYA almost everyday. I love the little thing :). It's pretty amazing when you have 2-3 friends over too. The multiplayer games are so much fun.

    Anyway, let us know how it goes, and if you are able to get the controller working.

  • Great news <img src="smileys/smiley20.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Thank you <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • It's about damn time.. Lol.. I think I was one of the people here on the forums giving the most noise about it lol.

    ArcadEd - Where were you when I made a thread that Ludei replied to me on Twitter about supporting about two weeks ago?

    EDIT: NVM that post.. I didn't read everyone's replies thoroughly, I'm pretty excited about the Ouya controller support even though it's a failure lmao.

  • sorry, I don't twitter at all :).

    So as far as we know right now, we have OUYA export support via CocoonJS Cloud Compiler. We don't have support in C2 for the OUYA Controller.

    Second, the CocoonJS cloud compiler does not show support for the OUYA In app store.

  • Wait what? C2 doesn't support Ouya Controller?

    How about IAP?

    I am bursting with excitement :)

  • What he was trying to say was Ludei haven't updated the CocoonJS Construct 2 plugin for us to use Ouya controllers yet.

  • oh man, so which way is it?

    I thought Scirra already worked on the controller support for CJS controller system a few months back.

    It would be really unfortunate that Ludie didn't just map Ouya controller to their own controller api.

  • I could be wrong, I just don't see a specific option in the CocoonJS Object about controllers.

    Unless the Gamepad object works with it???

  • Well, I can confirm it works with the Game Controller object.

    I created a small test project, added the controller object and compiled with the cloud compiler and ran the apk on my ouya. Voila, controller and shooting with the controller :).

    When using the 8Direction object, it defaults to the left analog stick for controls, but I confirmed that D-Pad does indeed work.

  • ArcadEd - this is great news! But any idea of how to monetise from it? I had used in the past for IAP, but just wondering is there's a cleaner way.

  • No, I'm guessing Cocoon will be adding iAP support for OUYA soon. Not sure why they wouldn't have done it all at once.

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  • Tobye ArcadEd

    Title: Ouya developers report poor to middling sales figures for early games

    Ravensword: Shadowlands: $100 to $200 per day since launch.

    Radiangames (Inferno+, Ballistic): 3,243 free downloads, 111 sales (3.42%) in first six days.

    Wind-Up Knight: 15,000 free downloads, 1% purchase (about 1,500 sales). $726.88 in revenue, after Ouya's cut

    Knightmare Tower: 49,000 free downloads, 2,100 purchases (4.28%). $6,000 in developer revenue.

    Ryan Wiemeyer told Gamasutra that zombified retro send-up Organ Trail has sold 501 copies on 13,112 downloads (3.8 percent conversion rate)

    Shay Pierce says the Ouya port of Bennet Foddy's eccentric wrestling game Get on Top has seen 520 sales from 9,700 downloads (5.36 percent conversion).

    RPG Nimble Quest has seen only 122 purchases off 6,508 downloads, developer David Marsh told Edge, bringing in only $427 in profit so far (1.87 percent conversion rate)

    BombBall developer E McNeill previously revealed that his game sold only 46 copies from about 8,000 downloads in its first six days being featured on the Ouya store (0.6 percent conversion)

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