Clay.IO with PhoneGap? and PhoneGap question

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  • Hi everyone,

    I was just wondering, now that phonegap (though apparently not quite perfect yet) is going to be the future of wrapping games for mobile and I'm super stoked to see this because i've dabbled some with PG/Android and it seemed like a decent solution.

    However, I tried Clay.IO (an amazing service if you're making a web only game) with Eject and it didn't work (xcode crashed when testing/compiling) and XDK worked, but due to graphic size funkiness of android devices working with the fixed graphic sizes of Clay.IO resulted in login screens that couldn't be used on my galaxy s4 because the keyboard covered the login screen to enter a password..


    I'm trying to understand what's better about phonegap and how universal is it? My understanding is that it is a better wrapper because it has all of the functionality of a browser, where services like XDK and CocoonJS did not. Things like iFrames would freak them out.

    Has anyone tried Clay.IO with PhoneGap for iOS? will things like iFrames and other web-centric plugins and such work with phonegap? I just would love to know what the limits are if there are any. I understand performance is 100% yet, but that sounds like something that will be fixed soon enough.



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