The case for a Unity2D Exporter

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  • I know how much work this would be if it were to ever be implemented but when it comes to exporters Unity2D already has the backend all figured out.

    I know that making an exporter that would simply make a Unity2D file is possible, although it wouldn't be HTML 5 any more. Perhpas having the editor make HTML5 games and for mobile / desktop devices we can use Unity2D.

    That way, exporting would become almost a non issue for most devs as Unity2D can export almost anyhwere.

  • How does this benefit C2 ?

  • It gives devs more options.

  • not really possible the way construct is written. Someone could do this on their own if they really wanted to but there'd be limited support for various plugins since it would basically need to read the xml file of a c2 project, and output a unity file. It's just not something that's gonna happen.

  • I cant imagine for one minute that Ashley would write something like this anyway as there is no benefit in doing so. I dont use Unity but i assume you can produce 2D games with it already.

  • Wouldn't it be about the same as writing a native exporter?

  • spongehammer The benefit is the power and stability of Unity's native exporters without having to learn Unity and C# - you just use C2 instead. Definitely not happening though..

  • I know how much work is involved. It would be great it this was in c2 or c3.

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  • Mammoth, your better off just having have the EventSheet system re-created in Unity. C3 to Unity will never happen. Everything needs to be re-done from the ground up. I asked already for a Unity export.

  • How difficult is it to write an Applink/Plugin to connect these programs? 3D program developers could write something for c2/c3? 3D coat has many applinks to other programs.

    I learn Lua scripting. In the moment i can say that it isn't so difficult. Lua: Blender, Leadwerks Engine and Shiva3D.

    I wanna use c2 for fast prototyping.

  • Take a look at a caproj, and the c2 runtime in a text editor.

    Its a little more complicated than making a translation.

    In a way a C2 game is already being interpreted into javascript, which is itself an interpreted language.

    To look at things work wise, would you rather have a Unity exporter, or C3?

  • There are already quite a few visual editors for Unity, but none that are as easy to use as C2. This one based on Scratch(also used in Stencyl) is about the closest you will find:

    I haven't used it, so I have no idea what it is like and there is not much feedback on the store. There is also the well known Playmaker, which some people swear by, but is not really my cup of tea and uScript which is more like Blueprints in UE4.

    The only game IDE's that have scripting in the style of C2 are MMF/Fusion (which C2 took it's inspiration from) and GDevelop (which is a shameless rip of C2, just not as good , but does do native desktop export and is free/open source).

  • unity is moving fast and there step to ease 2d creation is smart, i would not be suprised if there next step is making there own eventsystem, and they have a webgl version in beta i believe, so no more plugins, pretty crazy stuff

  • I don't really use Unity any more, as I have moved onto Godot for 3D, but I do keep up with the general news and forums. My impression is that Unity is developing at a very slow rate and yes, they definitely should have incorporated a visual event system by now, but I wouldn't hold your breath. Playmaker has been the best selling asset for a long while, so it is amazing they didn't hire Hutong to create it natively for them like they did with the developer of NGui (for the new GUI system).

    If you want to see fast development, then check out the progress of that is moving at an insanely fast rate that is helped by having a pseudo open source model with community code contributions, as well as it being the inhouse engine for Epic. At this rate Unity will most likely always be playing catchup. Also keep an eye on Godot, as it is growing fast and will be very competitive to Unity in coming years. Also watchout Gamemaker, as Godot's 2d is very powerful as well. Currently no visual scripting so C2 has nothing to fear

  • zendorf, fast is relative, but i do think they are covering there base pretty well, many exports, graphic pipeline, 2dworkflow, the logic step would be to make the coding more easy, on the other hand maybe its more interesting for them to get extra funds from pluginmakers on top of selling there main engine, if they make there own, then these plugings become mostly obsolete.. but for now im mostly interested in unity for providing assets in the future,

    i will check the other engines, thanx for mentioning

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