I cannot export to Scirra Arcade, Facebook? (Just purchased)

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  • Hi... I just purchased the latest version of Construct 2.

    I tried to export my game to Scirra arcade but it says:

    "Sorry! This version of Construct 2 cannot export to the Scirra Arcade. A new version of the arcade should be released in the near future."

    I was just curious if everybody has this problem.. or perhaps my new purchase/install is getting confused from an older freebie version I had installed previously.

    I also do NOT see any export ability for Wii U, facebook, etc.

    I am using Release 195 (64 bit)

    I'm attaching screenshots...

  • It is exactly what it says - "This version" in this case is the version number and not paid or free version. Last version currently compatible with the arcade is 186-something.

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  • Hi guys, I have the same problem,

    So we should wait for a new version or try to get back the old one (186-something) ??

    Thank you

  • The new Arcade is yet to be released.

  • Here is the release notes for buile 187: https://www.scirra.com/construct2/releases/r187

    Main point of interest:

    [quote:2mzzqiwl]Please note unfortunately this change has broken compatibility with the Scirra Arcade. The Arcade has long been in need of an update and we are planning to release a new version of it soon. When the new version is released Construct 2 will be updated to enable the Scirra Arcade exporter again, but unfortunately until then new submissions cannot be made from any version other than r168.2.

    The reference to 168.2 is a mistake (no such build) and actually refers to build 186.2.

    Therefore to post to the arcade, temporarily install r186.2 and export. (This will only work if you haven't used any of the new functionality introduced in subsequent builds.

    The other option is to wait for the new Acrde to arrive, which considering how long it's taken, could be a long wait.

  • Eisenhans Ok thanks my friend, seems like it is also possible with this version : just gona try it out !!

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