What to call the process of "programming" in C2

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  • Is it important? <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> I don't think so.

    Just call it whatever you want. Programming will do.

  • Also eventing sounds like inventing.

    EDIT: Also Tom no programming required is the perfect way to describe C2.

  • I'd create a tool or game in GM the same way I would in Construct. The only difference? I typed the code out in GM and used events in Construct.

    That said, why is one "programming" and the other not? The same techniques are used, the same math is used, if, else, or, and, loops, arrays, strings, functions, the list goes on. Some (a lot?) of this you'd even find in actual programming languages.

    I understand that actual programming languages are a whole other monster and 5,000 times more complex but I'd call that coding before programming.

    Saying there's no programming involved makes people think you clicked a few buttons and slammed your face on the keyboard and ended up with a game. I really hope I'm not the only one who thinks this, especially after spending years figuring this sh*t out ._.;

  • It is programming. But, programming happens at different levels. For example would a programmer who spends most of his time working in assembly call a programmer who spends most of his time working in Ruby or Python a "programmer"? Possibly not. Even programmers who work primarily in compiled, unmanaged languages quibble about the programmer status of those who work primarily in interpreted, managed languages and take to calling them scripters. If you want to be universally recognized as a programmer C/C++/ASM seem to be the only path.

    All of that said I like the term eventing although I don't find being an "eventer" very catchy.

  • I'm a Constructor

  • Im with Tonycrew, Im using a very powerful and highly customisable "Game creation tool".

    One that users can make both simple and complex games with "no experience neccesary".

  • I'm using coding, I feel like there was a slight difference between a programmer and a coder, in the way, that the programmer uses "real" programming languages and the coder scripting and else. I think, if I were an artist, wanting help and using Construct 2, I'd be looking for a coder.

  • It's programming, whatever way you look at it.

    You are programming something to obey what you tell it to. When you make an enemy AI, for example, you are programming that enemy to do whatever you tell it to. The definition of programming:


    1 - The action or process of writing computer programs.

    2 - Predetermined behavior.

    Making a game, typing code or not, it is still a computer program (see def. 1).

    You make the game to do whatever you tell it to, this is a predetermined behavior (see def. 2).

    The second definition does not only apply to computers, but also to real life. Say you want to go camping a month from now, "programming" the trip, it's a good idea.

    It is a misconception of words because traditional programming came much, much earlier.

    Eventing sounds nice too, though nobody knows what it means outside of this community

    Davioware : Believe or not, this term is well known and used in the same manner, in the RPG Maker communities.

  • It should be programming. As far as I know, programming may not be limited to typing syntaxes. From the root word "program" or the meaning 'making a program', C2 users does really do programming, but not in a way as in typing syntaxes like the traditional programming we all know and... love?

    I miss Turbo C++ =)

  • i think programming is accurate, but coding is not. though coding is programming, not all programming is coding, in the same way all squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares. coding is the process of writing code. i definitely see how eventing is a form of programming, but it's most certainly not a form coding.

  • Well, by definition code is "a system of symbols, letters, or words given certain arbitrary meanings". In Construct you use visual symbols with arbitrary meanings to create a computer program. So you are also coding. If you study semiotics you will probably agree with it.

    For me the best is to call it programming since it's a broad term and everybody understands.

    Some people like to use the terms to promote some languages and depreciate others, but they are all the same in essence. The only thing that changes is the language, that is nothing but a different system of symbols and rules.

    Making analogy with language: some people program with phonetic languages, other use ideograms, some can't see and use braille, others can't hear and use gestures, some are masochists and prefer Morse Code. In the end they are all doing the same, programming.

  • For me the best is to call it programming since it's a broad term and everybody understands.

    That's the way I see it too. Although eventing also works. But talking to people who know nothing about games or programming. Programming works best.

  • "Scripting"

    Never was any good at fitting in ��

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  • Obviously, it's Constructing. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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