C3 will support 3dr party plugins & behaviours?

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  • Ok, right now im working on a very big game, and i must say with all humbleness that its going to be the biggest and best game made for PC with C2 until now, but my game uses atleast 7 3rd party plugins like linkman2004 magicam, some of the wonderful rexrainbow & Pode plugins and of course R0J0hound canvas.

    my game runs using them, and now that C3 has been announced, im super happy and excited that it will support C2 files, being backwards compatible...wich is great, but what about 2rd party plugins & behaviours? im sure that lucid's spriter will be supported, but the others?

    if C3 will support them, then i will be happy to continue with my game on C3 otherwise, i guess im stuck on C2

    Ashley i need to know

  • I think you are hardly "stuck" with C2 if C3 is like 2 years away - just use what works, finish the game, make a sequel/another game with C3 (if it's out by then).

  • I don't have one at hand right now, but I firmly believe that it was said in several postings before that sticking with the basic Construct core and API for C3 was to specifically allow the existing 3rd party plugins to be used with C3 and not discard them. So unless I totally misunderstood something you and your product should be perfectly fine.

  • C3 is two years away? jeez that is quite a while.

    I shouldnt hold my breath then

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  • It's so early on that it's hard to talk about anything specific at all. All of this is yet to be researched, designed and coded. However 3rd party plugins are a really important feature of C2, so if it's at all reasonably possible, we want to preserve that feature.

  • ...3rd party plugins are a really important feature of C2, so if it's at all reasonably possible, we want to preserve that feature.

    Not as reassuring as it good be

  • Nah. I think Ashley is talking about "backwards compatibility for c2 plugins".

    I don't think it is possible or even wanted. The editor will change so much that the edittime side of current plugins will probably be unusable, unless there's some sort of converter (I personally think this is a waste of time - throw C2 plugins out the window if you have to).

    As for your case, it's probably OK to keep going with your project using C2, you have a long time before C3 arrives, and a long time after that before C3 reaches feature parity with C2 (I wouldn't dare guess how long, though).

  • I feel like its not really a great idea for backwards compatibility to be "leading the charge" so to speak in terms of design. C2 does a lot wrong, and maintaining backward compatibility means C3 will likely inherit its shortcomings in the process. Sure, if there's an elegant way to do it, maintaining that compatibility is great, but construct projects are very complicated and im afraid the same mistake clickteam made could happen here, where the product can open old projects from 90s software but the new product maintains all the issues it should have grown out of. C3 should really fix the big issues with the edit-time and it's interaction with the runtime, and i don't see how it can be done without essentially having C2 inside of C3, or making C3 too much like C2. If users want a new software that's just like C2, that's a little weird imo.

  • Since one of the many strengths of C2 is the wide selection of 3rd party plugins that are available, I would consider it a weakness if C3 will be able to open old C2 projects but not any C2 3rd party plugins. What would be the point? I am not aware of any serious game creators on the forum here who doesn't use 3rd party plugins in their C2 games - I would be happy to be proven wrong - so no 3rd party plugin compatibility would essentially make C3 a completely new editor.... In which case, why let any C2 compatibility hold it back?

    I am not saying that ensuring backwards compatibility should be a primary focus for C3 at all. Although C2 doesn't quite feel finished yet so I hope that there's more work yet to be done to C2 before it gets shelved with CC.

  • There has to be somehow a backwards compatibility with 3rd party plugins. A lot of them are totally rad.

  • well, i hope it does, otherwise, i wont change to C3

    its true, that it might be better to just release my game on c2, but my game will take 2 years more to complete, so, i have to be up to date becuase if im able to realease the game whit a more powerful c3 instead of c2 wihtout any problems, then it would be great.

  • And i want direct apk file build with c3 because i have a million dollar game idea and concept want to create a game franchise !!hahaha

  • nav: 2 steps in head of you, i already have a franchise coming in 6 months.

    also yes i can totally see you were being sarcastic...

  • truefalcon yes !! Lol

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