C3 or Cocoon?

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  • Hello,

    I have one project that is allmost finished and its time to consider compile/export options.

    Is it better to pay Scirra for C3 licence or to pay Cocoons service?

    Wich is the better for iOS / Android export?

    Is there any difference in running speed of compiled app?

    Are there any issues with Iphone X / iOS 11 export?

    What are your expiriences, recommendations?

    Thank you!

  • You own a C2 license so just for this one special case I'm going to say C3 since you get a 50% discount.

    And from what I've heard it's a miraculously fast instaAPK builder

  • I have used C2 togheter with Cocoon, worked fine.

    You do not need to pay for Cocoon.

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  • Thank you for the info...


    Can you please comment on my questions?

    Im willing to pay for C3 if there are no issues regarding iOS and iPhone X support?

    And do i really get a discount?

  • Use Cocoon and save 139$ per year.

  • This depends:

    Free alternative: If Cocoon Free is good enough for you, then you can stay with C2 + Cocoon . Or you can make your own wrapper service (there are several tutorials on the internet, but it is medium to hard)

    Paid alternative: Instead of any other of the Cocoon subscription plans, I would go with C3. Just comparing the prices, C3 is the clear winner (you also should get better integration for C3 since is the same team and the actual game engine)

    Console: If you plan to release games to other consoles except XBox One ... then you should think about another game engine

  • Construct 3 has a build system and also let's not forget comes with an entire game development IDE. So there's that.

    Our mobile exports work fine. iOS is fully supported. I think Cordova 7 has some issues with the iPhone X viewport, but we're currently in the process of updating the build server to Cordova 8 which fixes that. So it shouldn't be an issue.

  • C2 + Cordova CLI.

    best combo imho

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