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  • The possibility to search variables, events, objects in event sheets would save hours of our all lifes :D

  • , you can , now we need the find/remplace expressions

  • Ejecta exporter.

    Literally 5 minutes to do it. Everything already works under HTML5 exporter.

    Three changes required:

    this.isDomFree = true;

    this.isiOS = true;

    this.ctx = global_ctx;

    Label it advanced/experimental to avoid complaints. Voil� another exporter to showcase, many people happy to not having to manually edit the code every-single-time they have to test something.

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  • whiteclaws: how ? scirra.com/manual/64/keyboard-shortcuts nothing like strg+f is there for event sheets

    There is 1 search function but this one is not really working for actions and it?s not really comfortable cause it doesn?t highlight anything. Also no button for next, it just searches 1 time.

    And yes I know that there are Groups but it would help me much if I could search for variables that i used any where...

  • I vote for C2 on linux.

    Will be more than happy to test your builds on my machine and it will allow me to forget the windows VM I run just for C2 :(

    And Regex too.

  • Darklinki

    Here ... Top-Left

    • Click on events
    • and search ...
  • Yes Linux version would be amazing to work also

    I know it works "ok" with wine but it�s just not the same and things like preview make big problems.

  • I hope you all realize that a 'Linux version' doesn't just happen, and it often means rewriting a lot of the codebase from scratch and maintaining two different versions of Construct 2: the Windows version and the Linux version.

  • Paths!

    <img src="http://gamemaker.info/library/manual/images/form_path.jpg" border="0" />

    (which I'm sure are somewhere on the ToDo list. :))

  • I trust that Ashley is working hard to Construct 2 is a great program for a long time, so what we are seeing every 7-15 days, with each beta ... I have studied programming, and must say it is hard work implement or add certain things ...

    I hope Ashley note your requests to improve the features and functionality of Construct 2.

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