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  • Hello,

    I just created a C2 wiki at: http://wiki.goalorientedsolutions.com/doku.php

    EDIT: After some more thinking, i think best if the wiki has very little overlap with infos included/posted at scirra.com.

    Hence, best if I use the wiki to openly present and discuss C2 side project I am doing that could be of benefit to the C2 community in general. Perhaps, someone might find it useful, and even may want to contribute also. The result would be open source, for anyone to take, use, improve on, and hopefully, contribute back to.


    While I am learning how to use C2 and am discussing ideas and contemplating helper projects, I plan to include useful information there. Unlike a forum, in a wiki everyone can add and change contents, and hence, I hope, this can become a humble community driven repository of continuously updated useful information. If successful, perhaps Ashley and the folks at C2, might also be willing to look it over and contribute contents.

    As a first mini project, I am contemplating to use C2 to develop a C2 project import "game" with which one can import parts of one project into another using a C2 built nodekit app. The humble design beginnings of it can be seen here:

    http://wiki.goalorientedsolutions.com/d ... ni-project

    and here:

    http://wiki.goalorientedsolutions.com/d ... c2umlmodel


  • I think wikis are a great way to run a devblog, especially if you plan on getting your playerbase involved throughout development (Desktop Dungeons springs to mind here). I'd say as a development community tool for Construct in particular, it'd not be terribly useful.

    We already have the manual for official information and the tutorials for community-generated content, as well as the huge forums. People seem to have enough difficulty finding the info they're looking for (or not looking for, as is more often the case). Giving them a forth location to find info about C2 seems like it'll create more noise than it's worth.

    Also, having the wiki at a neutral location like wikia would make far more sense for a community initiative.

  • Thanks for the feedback. There is always room for improvement. I have not heard of wikia before. I'll check it out.

    I think for technical discussions that should yield additive know-how, a wiki is better suited than a forum. In a forum you end up reading down the discussions, and contributions get appended in the end. You actually never know what the last word on an issue is. A wiki allows improving contents in one spot. Also, a wiki allows indexing contents in various ways.

    Anyway, many thanks for the feedback.


    Also, one main motivation I have is to getting the community involved in collaborative design and development, of useful C2 additions (like, perhaps a C2 project import utility). The wiki could then offer a collaborative documentation space. Again, something not readily doable in a forum.

    I now checked out Wikia, it looks really neat, but i think DocuWiki is more light-weight (doesn't even need a database), and has some really useful plugins such as UML diagrams and chat. I'll continue checking out both ...

  • I'd say that having the ability to have a user-editable manual might be the best mix of what you're suggesting (and you make some great points) and what's already on offer. It seems like a bit of a waste of time to basically go and recreate the manual anyway. Of course this ability would have to be restricted to very few users (perhaps with over 10K reputation, or on a case-by-case basis), much like having the ability to edit tutorials, and changes would need to be discussed and moderated just like in a wiki.

    Not sure if the new forums will send through the notification properly, but I'd like to see what Ashley thinks about this.

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  • Perhaps to avoid overlaps with the Forum, I should make the wiki's main purpose as a vehicle to discuss side projects I am trying to do, in an open, and open source fashion:

    Open, in the sense that I am writing up my design thinking, as I go along. It's open, so anyone can chim in and comment, point out issues and offer improvements, or even contribute.

    And, Open source: the code I will write, will be open for everyone to take, use, improve on, and hopefully, contribute back.


  • Scirra can't really take responsibility for the accuracy of information posted on third party sites. There's just no way we could logistically manage that. Also like the OP says I would strongly recommend not covering anything any official documentation covers; that is written as accurately as possible and is kept up to date with every stable release, whereas user-submitted documentation might not be.

  • Yeah, the OP changed after I posted, and since I posted an evolution of the idea, and the idea is now no longer, my post doesn't have the same meaning.

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