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  • hi,

    i have searched forum for a thread where people could post their suggestions / what they would like to see in construct. i haven't found one, but i'd like to give a few examples that i think could shorted people's troubles, mostly with sprites.

    in image editor - when you have a sprite with more frames, there's a couple of things that could be improved:

    1. guessing polygon shape should be also extended to use on full animation (all frames), like resize or crop

    2. imagepoints - when adding imagepoint it adds one on current frame. if you use apply to all - then it applys it to whole. but if i delete a point that is applied to whole animation - it doesn't delete it from whole animation, there should be a shortcut to delete the ones that were made with "apply to whole animation". same goes for rename. if you accidentally apply to whole "imagepoint 1", and rename it to "cannonPoint", or anything else, it doesn't apply to whole animation - all imagepoints. that would be a nice feature to have them all rename, instead opening each frame to rename / delete.

    if i find some more, i'll post. if there is already a post about it, i'm sorry, i couldn't find it, so just erase or move my post.

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  • In the image editor I'd like to see Onion Skin to re arrange frames and animations easier

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