Are C2 Programmers Available for Hire?

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  • Hi guys,

    I was wondering if anyone knew of programmers that use C2 that would be interested in developing games for a fee (either on a monthly or project basis). I currently work reasonably demanding hours, so I thought it would be easier and more efficient to collaborate with someone else. The other plus point is that I can provide all the required artwork and sound for the game, I just need the programmer(s)!

    I would be grateful if people could let me know where I could find C2 freelancers.

    Many thanks! (My sincere apologies if this is not the right forum for this ).

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  • Construct is a non programming engine... People can use javascript to make there own plugins.

    If you still want me to make you a game then i'll do it, I come from a programming background. But i like using construct

  • I just say programming even when I am using these non programming languages. I have made games for people. Email me at mammothinteractive at Although, I won't be able to start until mid January because I am currently working on some other projects.

  • smitchell, Consctruct isn't a non programming engine, it's like a facilitated visual programming engine, it's very different because making a game in construct still needs knowledge in program logic and other programming things.

    And like programming, it consumes A LOT of time.

  • mammoth Just checked out your website /, and it looks like good stuff, so I will shamelessly plug it for you :P.

    If you are new to making games, or new to construct 2, you should head on over to Mammoth Interactive and check out their 'Mammoth Academy' where they have video tutorials on everything from an introduction to construct 2, to making a chrome store/facebook game, to making a platformer, and much more.

    They are currently having a Christmas Sale where you get 70% off the regular Mammoth Academy price, a $280 savings! Just enter the promo code 1331. But Hurry, this sale is limited!

  • Thanks Braxmule,

    I should let people know that the course is tailored towards beginners. The course is unique because you get to learn the entire process of making games. That means you learn the "programming", design, art and music.

  • I might be interested. Can you contact me via PM with the briefs, sample images and budget?

  • Hi guys, thanks for your replies. Our team is working on generating a decent game design doc with concept art for your review. We hope to have it prepared by next weekend.

    In the meantime, if anyone else is interested, please reply to this thread so we can send out the design document to everyone next weekend.

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