C2 with Parallels 9 and OSX Mavericks?

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  • I'm considering getting a Mac but I've heard mixed results about Parallels 9 and OSX 10.9.

    Can the community tell me their experiences with C2 on that configuration of Mac? Has anybody been able to get it working? If so, how?

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  • When i ran Parallels with Construct 2 on my Macbook, everything seemed to work fine. I just hate to use two different OS'es which is the reason i removed it again. I've instead gone into the wine development to someday see a functional C2.

    Getting it to work was quite straight forward, I only remember installing windows XP and service pack 2 and 3, then everything worked.

  • If your Mac has Retina screen, NEVER use Windows 8/8.1 since everything's gonna be too small. I'm currently running Win7 in Parallels 9 and it rocks

    Following the official tutorial of setting up preview on devices and then go ahead. I'd recommend you put your game projects in Mac HD instead of the virtual machine in case of losing your works.

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