Could C2 output more "dev friendly" HTML5 projects?

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  • Hi there,

    Ashley I've had some opportunities to make games for clients using C2, but some of these clients have wanted the projects to have CSS and other files exposed in such a way that they could modify the code directly.

    I'm not a coder, but I know that a typical c2 project makes a c2runtime.js file which has ALLLLL the code bundled in it which is obviously not really the most professional way to handle it.

    Even breaking the code down by layout or some other more "chunky" way could perhaps make C2 a tool that lets non coders make projects that product post-c2 developers to work with / change.



  • The solution is to use the Javascript SDK. Even if the export was easier to modify, it would still involve the whole C2 engine and require C2 knowledge to work with, and basically be identical to a post-export Javascript SDK. It's better just to write a plugin and modify the capx. In fact, sending the capx as the "source" instead of the exported file is logical, since they can then make arbitrary modifications easily from C2 and re-export if they wish.

    The export is actually deliberately difficult to work with because many users are very concerned about reverse engineering. As far as I am aware there have been no cases of exported projects usefully reverse-engineered to Construct 2 projects, so I think that works pretty well and is an important feature.

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  • Ashley thanks for that insight! I forgot that you can save as a project which does break things down nicely. I'm going to have my partner (the real coder) take a look at it and see what sense he can make of it combined with your suggestions.



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