C2 February GAME JAM!!! Please Read!

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  • Hello everyone,

    We're having a minor event! This is the first attempted (by me) Construct 2 Game Jam. I have seen others attempt this before, but for whatever reason those projects seem to have faded. I thought I'd give it one more go.

    Please check out the website: c2gjam.blogspot.com

    Read the example post and the rules!

    Also, please keep this post bumped! Maybe sound off if you think you'd like to participate. It starts on the first of February and ends on the last day of February.

    EDIT: Facebook Link


  • I just wanted to say good luck with this. I would suggest maybe creating a facebook group for the jam so people can communicate to each other about it.

    Also, in your example these is a link to the rubric doc, but it links to Speedy Share. This site requires you download their installer in order to get the doc. Not sure many people would do that, I know I won't.

    I had plans to create a Jam for C2 as well, so I am very excited to see how this works out :)

  • Good luck. I hope you know what you're getting yourself into though!

  • SpeedyShare doesn't require you to download the downloader. The correct link is at the top of the page, not the bottom. The bottom one is trouble. Stay away from that. Just click "Rubric For Game Jam.doc" at the top and it'll work with no downloader.

    Although if you can't figure it out, then probably a lot of people will make the same mistake, so I'll take that under advisement.

    The only thing I worry about is not having enough people join. If we even have like 5 though, I think that's OK for the first month.

  • If I have time I'll join. I�m currently making a game for the Candy Jam and the pressure of having a timelimit is making me work really well XD In 3 years I never finished a game and now in 2 days I have the engine and 1 level completed :D. Good luck with the Jam.

  • Yep, that's precisely why I'm doing this jam. I found that Game Jams are the best motivators.

  • I'm really curious why game jams are not more popular for C2 only. Seems there has been at least 2 other attempts to get something started and they all kind of seem to fade. Just curious why people shy away. Is it lack of prizes or some other reason?

  • Sad. Well I don't know. I think someone like Ashley would need to endorse and publicize such an event and then it could take off. Most game jams don't really have many prizes. Most of them are just for fun.

  • To be honest, this presentation is not really the way a serious game jam should be presented I guess. You want people to put a lot of effort into something, they are not even rewarded for.

    A simple board post from a non-known user wouldn't get me in any way.

    This at least needs a visual, a landing page or something that even shows a lil bit of professionalism.

  • Beaverlicious


  • True, I'm not known. I'm new, but I didn't see anyone else doing it so I thought I'd try. I'm a doer, not a talker.

    This doesn't have to be my baby. In fact I'd rather someone else do it so I could just participate. But I didn't see any successful tradition so I tried to do a service for the community. It's just not going to work out, especially if as you say, the community feels entitled to fancy landing pages and expects this to be on par with the Ludum Dare.

    The Game Maker communities have a game jam. They don't have a website at all. It's a sticky in the forum. That's it. They made do.

    Stencyl has the StencylJam which is a big event hosted by the developers of Stencyl that has prizes, but it's also just hosted on the forums and blogs. I don't know.

    I'm sorry, I guess? I didn't expect to be criticized for trying to do a service for the community, but I guess I see your point. I don't know, maybe I should just keep my head down from now.

    And I see someone +1ed the comment. Message received, I guess. My sincere apologies, community members. I didn't mean to create such a debacle.

  • I don't really think anyone is trying to criticize you for trying to get something started. It's like I said earlier, it's not as easy as just making a post and hoping that people will join you. It takes a lot more behind the scenes stuff to get something like this going properly.

  • Well, like I said. I tried. I had a professionally made rubric, a facebook page, a website with an example of how it was going to work... it would've been find. The behind the scenes stuff wasn't the issue.

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  • I agree that something like this would help to raise the profile of C2 - there's a lot of talent on these here boards and it'd be nice to see what we're capable of doing in a month. I don't see a problem with it being a community-run thing rather than 'official', I'm sure Ashley & co are busy enough as it is!

    Anyway I'd definitely be up for joining in with one of these, let me know if it goes ahead.

  • I appreciate the effort and sentiment here with this idea. My 2 pence:

    I think that theme 1 will be make or break for participation from the community, so it might be worth having a Ludum style vote-off to generate interest and a feeling of ownership for those that vote. I also think that it would be better if it were centred in the forums rather than on an external site (good effort putting that together, though). If i wasn't participating then i could easily glance in and see what's going on. Facebook and twitter nonsense could be done through Ashley and Tom I guess. If it becomes a separate entity then it could slide into oblivion....

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