C2 February GAME JAM!!! Please Read!

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  • Absolutely no one wants to offend you or your idea. I think it?s great.

    I just think that it won?t work the way you try to manage it. Making a Facebook-Group etc isn?t really enough.

    We just started to disscuss the whole topic in general, when you suddenly try to launch something in a text post with links, that aren?t even clickable. That?s not really planned or attractive and so it won?t be successful in my opinion.

    If you would have planned a little more you could have made up a nice visual ( I guess here are 100s of artist (me, even i?m not the greatest, included) who would do that as a favor for the community.

    You could have asked Ashley to share that visual on the Facebook-Channel of C2.

    You could have been looking for sponsors or prices..(perhaps Ashley would give out an Upgrade or some artist make a sprite pack as a price ...there are 10000 possibilities to make this more attractive and at least

    Normally people are helpful and friendly in every case.

    To make that sure again, absolutely no one tries to speak down your effort, or ideas, but your behavior is not really pro-project, to be honest. You are feeling insulted, just by a little critic. That doesn?t really spread trust to anyone, that should spend hours to be part of your contest.

    This is, as people said not easy to manage....why be so harsh? Just give an idea some time to grow....

  • I'm not insulted. I was just discouraged. Anyway, you're right. I've always known that one of my most annoying personality quirks is being too aggressive and proactive, not really thinking things through. Anyway, because I'm new I didn't know people, I didn't feel comfortable asking Ashley of all people for help, and I was hoping to get it up and running before February since I'm on vacation right now and I had the time to set things up. I went all in but I should've asked for help and taken my time.

    You live and you learn. In any case, maybe the best thing that could come of this is that someone more equipped with experience and connections around here might be inspired to try their hand.

    EDIT: For the record, I just checked. all my links work.

  • Personally, I think the best way to make this happen is to keep it simple and informal. Make a main thread for the game jam on this board once you have enough participants (minimum of 5 sounds about right), then entrants can outline what they have planned, post the occasional update and finally link to what they've made at the end of the month.

    Anyone who's interested can then +1 the game they like most, and the most +1s after a week (or whatever) wins. No prizes or anything, just adoration and ego-stroking :)

    Anyway, I'd love to see something like this go ahead, and even become an ongoing monthly thing that people can dip in and out of. The Construct 2 Monthly Game Jam!

  • I think we should put someone important, like a moderator, in charge of it and make it one thread that's a sticky. Or do like the others do and have a subforum dedicated to it.

  • I'd love to participate in a C2 game jam! I did notice that GM, Stencyl and MMF2 all seem to have an official one of their own.

    I think a forum-run thing with moderator support would probably be best.

    It would probably work best if it was infrequent, like just once or twice a year, and it would be preferable if it didn't clash with any of the big well-established jams.

    I'd be happy to help with any organisation etc if I was needed

  • I'm not a moderator, or someone really important, but I have been around for a while.

    I would be happy to start one up, and I could include some prizes. I really love making games, but I also really enjoy teaching beginners. My Learn Construct 2 facebook page has over 1200 likes.

    I'm not sure if me starting one up would really make a difference though. Tom, mod me and I would happy to head this up if it's something Scirra might be interested in. If you need some info on me, or do a back ground check to see if I am mod worthy, I would be happy to oblige :).

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  • Well if that happens, then at least my efforts effected some good in the world. A worthy, just mod being selected, and the Game Jam going on through more capable hands.

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