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  • This has been discussed before, but to my knowledge never went any where.

    After seeing the new forum footer, the idea has resurfaced.

    These characters have a story to tell, a game to be played - do you guys think we can do it?

    A community wide team-up to demonstrate what C2 can do, a real show piece.

  • I'm keen. I can contribute coding and a bit of art (UI stuff and 3D stuff), but there are better coders and artists here than me. So I'll instead offer what I'm sure is a unique contribution: writing and editing. My full-time position is that of magazine editor, and I've got six years of writing experience. If you need someone to weave some magical (and grammatically correct) prose, then I'm your guy.

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  • I think you have to ask He is the character creator.

    I asked about using the pig before, and they were like, nope.

  • Bugger! Well that's this ship sunk

  • Why? They're cute characters, sure, but ultimately arbitrary. They don't mean anything unless you apply meaning to them, so let's find an artist who can create new characters. This doesn't have to be an "official" game by any means.

  • I'd wager Ashley would make an "official" game if he wanted one, its just that his time is pretty limited.

    Thats not to say they've been against community games in the past either, far from it.

    Its just that those characters were made by a third party.

    Anyway character creation is not a big deal.

    Having an idea is.

    Say for example a game based on making up what the context of the footer image would be.

  • I believe there was talk at some point about making a game with characters from other C2 games.

  • I believe there was talk at some point about making a game with characters from other C2 games.

    There certainly was, I can't find it for the life of me - it's not that old, no more than a year.

    In my head the game itself would be a hodge-podge of 2D games, real diversity.

  • That could work quite well for a community game: something with an overall connecting arch, dotted with micro-games or the like.

    It'd need killer organisational skills on top, though. Expect no-shows, buggy and inefficient code. I'd suggest one or two people dedicated to putting it all together just from a coding point of view,

  • I would be down to make a mini-game for a game-pack type of thing, where we would showcase what the community is all about, while allowing each game creator to show who they are.

  • Maybe something like The Indie Quilt, but for C2 games?

  • That sounds nice. But you are all forgetting that this needs time and money. There's not a lot of people around who will dedicate their free time/resources to make some kind of "show off game". Especially graphic assets, that should be more less on same quality level as image from first post.

  • sqiddster Yes, I'd be interested in that. We should write down the technical conditions and have a project leader that would put everything together (or pass around the capx?).

  • There would definitely need to be a project leader (with a somewhat proven record of actually releasing stuff) who would be in charge of it all.

  • If this happens, I want to contribute music!

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