Can C2 communicate with Python?

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  • I'd like to use Python in conjunction with C2.

    It appears possible to use Node-Webkit to read, write, delete, append simple text files in JSON format which act as the adapter.

    Is this the only way? Would it possible to make a C2 plugin that has full read and write access to a specified block of memory? I believe using a memory block as an adapter would be a lot faster then a file.

    Currently I want to use Python for Sqlite and a tool to parse text log files (generated by 3rd party application) in fractions of a second.

  • A better way would be to run a WebSocket or HTTP server in Python, and communicate using C2's WebSocket or AJAX plugins.

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  • I've been looking into the Websocket idea. Would I setup a Python local host server running on the same machine as the C2 App? I understand this isn't the place to ask about the Python portion of this. Although, some help pointing in the right direction would be much appreciated.

    I'm not able to find any Javascript code that works with client side computer memory addresses. This path seems highly unlikely.

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