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  • > And isometric isn't really that hard to do in events. I don't feel like it needs its own editor.


    Is it easy to create an isometric layout, place your graphics, player and set to 8way- walking behaviour?

    Yes, kinda


    All i'm looking forward to are some tools or behaviours or events or whatever to help us in the development of an isometric environment. And i'm sure i'm not the only one.

    isometric... in my point of view is still one of the top notch layouts you can achieve in 2D.

    I'm not really sure exactly what you're looking for (given that, y'know, you're a different human and I am not a mind reader) but within the past year I've made two isometric games, one of which includes "floors" so to speak, and the other a full dungeon crawler with abilities and collision. This isn't really the topic to discuss this in, though, so if you want, private message me or something and we can talk about it.

  • My comment wasn't related only to performance, but mainly about the fact that Scirra and the users don't have control over the more low level part of the engine.

    Honestly I'm a really scared that an auto updating webview, more than nodewebkit, could break a perfectly working game without any action from the user (or even knowing it really). Who do you think such a user would contact when the game will crash or will start to jitter? And do you think telling them that the problem has been generated by the os auto update and that the solution and timing is up to them, will be enough or will you lose clients?

  • 2014 was the last of any meaningful advancement of C2. At this point C2 can only improve the current set and offer a few new plugins. C2 is hitting the peak of of features. Once that peak is crested then all that's left is stagnation and then at the end of 2015 there will be a large number of complaints wonder where the meaningful changes are. If the entire Contstruct line is to continue to have effective growth, penetration and meaningful features, C3 is the way to go.

    C3 is mostly an IDE overhaul not an engine overhaul. I think a lot of people are mistaking the move to C3 as CC to C2. That's not the case. C3 will still be running the C2 game engine. Will end up using the same C2 plugins. However with the new IDE, structure and so on. New meaninful features can be added. Such as way points, editable bounding boxes, custom windows for plugins, Timeline animation, prefabs, scenegraphs so on. Not saying all done by Ashley, but features can be done by others.

    Who knows, maybe C3 will offer an update price as an early adoption from C2 to C3.

  • I believe we should consider about Timeline from CC and motion with easing as components to make cutscenes, we really need this feature

  • If the Spriter interface acted as a bolt-on instead of a plugin I would probably die of happiness; but yes, C3 needs at least a tweening/object animation feature, as it's missing from vanilla C2.

  • More features for mobile apps/games.

    Like camera, microphone, sensors on CocoonJS!!!!!!

  • I would to see better facebook and twitter support for Cordova/PhoneGap.

    I would also like to see plugins in the store and to see a store interface in C2 so you can just buy and download stuff directly.

    A new version of the arcade which I know Tim is working on with best games of the month competitions.

  • Honestly I'm a really scared that an auto updating webview, more than nodewebkit, could break a perfectly working game without any action from the user (or even knowing it really).

    Google already manage to do this without breaking the entire Internet, so I'm sure apps will be fine too.

  • What i would like in C2 :

    -> Timeline

    -> Animation / tween system (for simple animation purpose like moving menus / cutscenes, should work with the timeline too)

    -> Vector sprites / animations (Like Flash, same should work with the Timeline)

    -> Advanced particle system (with animated sprites included for example)

    -> A function library ? (for used / created functions so we can find use / copy past them faster ? Duno that's some crazy idea but i guess this can be used)

    -> Find a secure export way, so games wont break (jagginess) with some Node / Chrome updates (but well, it seems impossible to do)

    -> Advanced implemented painter.

    -> Possibility to choose exporter version ? Like multiple Node Webkit versions ? (to help counter the Bad Node Webkit updates for example)

    Thats some ideas. Keep up the good work.

  • awesome post

  • One more thing ...

    I would like to see an option to export to different default location, depending on export type. For example, to export Android into Intel XDK project folder, and HTML5 to somewhere else.

  • grigrizljac +1 to the configurable export location!

  • Here's a really simple new feature: I really want to add a comment immediately above an action to break them up and add clarity.

  • My greatest expectation is really advanced particle system with animated particles and some kind of emulated light to work with 2D sprite's normal maps.

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  • I'd like more clarity in the editor - which events belong to which groups, etc. Something like this:


    Scroll down to see it in action (also this annoying scrolling frame could be thrown out).

    Also - random property values in the editor (basically just put random(a) or random(a,b) or choose(a,b,c) with values and at runtime it uses a random value).

    And a Boolean global variable wouldn't hurt.

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