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  • I have simply allowed physics into my game, yes they work

    My head pounding issues however do they taunt me are the following:

    • i can set up levels
    • i can set up a level select(to some extent)
    • i cannot get the player to go forward between maps of levels like worlds(or packaged boxes in cut the rope experiments)
    • i cannot get the player to jump between and replay finished and unlocked levels and worlds that have 50 stages unlocked in each one
    • there will be 10 worlds and 50 levels in each one in my game
    • i don't want to run into a resource overload so i am using 250 objects and 24 sounds and 10 sound tracks in my game(feed the alien pizza)
    • yes i can do the main menu and other things by myself such as a timer for stages
    • yes i am well aware that this game has been on production for months now but only because of these things i have overlooked as to how i solve these pesky problems
  • You want to track stages in a level won?

    Global Variables.

    World01StageCompleted = 0

    0 = none.

    1 = 1st stage won.

    2 = 2nd stage won.

    etc. til whatever stage # you need.

    Then check it when you are doing your level select/world map.

  • Take it from someone who has ended up with too many globals before: the best way to do this if you have over, say, 25 levels, is to use a global dictionary object ("LevelProgress"). Then, just add keys ("Lvl1,Lvl2") and check for their state when needed.

    This way, it's easy to manage non-linear progress too (like an Angry Birds game, where you might have beat level 7, but not necessarily beat level 5 or 6).

  • I am using a global array to save game progress, with y = 0 to save the score on each level when completed (the sum gives the total score) and y = 1+ to save any other data that might be of relevance. The dictionary object is very good as well but requires a bit more thought (than I'm prepared / able to give) when setting up your logic (I guess - not used for this yet).

    Edit to add that 500 layouts / game areas is quite ambitious... IMO (I hope you can get it to work - it sounds like a great epic, though!).

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  • so what i am trying to do here is skip between levels 1 and 3 instead of going to the previous level or the next level in the level selection screen... Provided all three are unlocked and it doesn't matter in which order or what order the player wants to go to another level it could be from 1 to 3 or 3 to 1. It could even be 1 to 2 or 3 to 2.

    it could even be 2 to 1 if the player so desires.

  • Ok so I use cases, anyone here like to give me a .capx file on cases I will even put your name in the credits, when I sell my game...

    Also to sweeten the deal only those who are on the credits and found a solution to my problem will get half of the sales profits for every sale, note the game is valued at $4 so you get $2 and I get $2 from each sale...

    Edit: I guess if none of you want to help I can solve this on my own and reap all 100% of the profits and gain all cash from the game being sold.

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