Best browser for playing HTML5 games!

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  • Hey everybody, I have found a browser with wich one you can play HTML5 games without performance laggs, loss of control (I had this on Google Chrome when using WASD movement), problems when right-clciking (Opera...) and all this other annoying problems like when you can't play offline without C2.

    It's called "Aurora" and it's some kind of Firefox "alpha". You can find it by searching "Firefox Beta" in Google.

    Here's a link (it's german because I couldn't change this):

  • You don't work for them do you? ;)

  • No, I don't. But it's really awesome because I don't have any problems with my games anymore :)

  • Reading up about it cause you did make it sound very interesting.

    And ofcourse i was merely making a joke :)

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  • The input bug you are talking about is probably this one.

    As you can read by the end of the topic, r79 should have gotten rid of this bug, and chrome 18 too apparently.

    Aurora is indeed a future version of FireFox actually in beta test.

    If you're interested in new versions of firefox check out Ashley's post about the testing of the gamepad API

  • If you're interested in new versions of firefox check out Ashley's post about the testing of the gamepad API

    That's how I found Aurora. :D

  • Just tested it. And yeah the performance is much better then version 10.0.

    Used this : just for convenience. I think it uses canvas not webgl. On version 10.0 it struggled with frame times reaching more than 35ms. Unacceptable, more or less 20fps. On Aurora it ran at full 60fps and no more than 5ms of frame time. Awesome. It appears it is passing Chrome as i ran some other tests and it did much better than Chrome in all cases with less apparent GC calls (abrupt performance drops). In other tests it failled hard. :) Like Three.JS demos.

  • Just to say, Aurora *is* Firefox :)

    In fact, you have Firefox, current trunk (for example, at February the 11th, its the 10), beta is the build n+1, Aurora is always the build n+2, and Nightly is the build n+3. When you use Aurora, you are always going to use a browser one version ahead than stock, and Nightly two version ahead. However those builds have lots of experimental stuff added, and can be unstable, or offer functionnalities that are very fast, and for no reason very slow on another website/game...

  • I think it's clear that Aurora is Firefox, anyone thought otherwise ? :)

  • Nope.

  • It's a polar fox?

  • Wow nice finding

    But im with Pode ....

    If a browser Made by Firefox Is better than Firefox ! that means that there are chances that the browser is powerful and unstable ,

    More precisely...

    Firefox is a stable browser

    Aurora is better than firefox



    (Aurora is better in Html5 but not stable like Firefox )

    So even if Aurora is better in HTML5 it's always firefox ( same code or upgraded for HTML5)

    Meaning Aurora is only for testing and will not be like chrome for ever

    That's it

    (sorry for non-comprehensible text :p, first time I explain like this)

  • Interesting.

  • I must admit i have a tendency to stick to the oldest working version of stuff sothat i don't count on the enduser having to update if they are a version behind. It helps to keep the general experience be positive or better. So if FF10 or Chromex worked i will stick to that for a while cause i know some players/visitors/customers still do out of whatever reason. I hope that makes sense the way i put it :p

  • Yeah so my C2 games run substantially better in Chrome than Aurora ^^;

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